Oct 29 2016

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Barbados Car Rental – Car Hire Price Comparison

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Barbados Travel Guide and Car Hire tips

The island of Barbados is a self ruling country located to the west of the North Atlantic. The population in Barbados is estimated to be about 300,000 with close to 100,000 residing in the capital city of Bridgetown which is also the largest city in Barbados. It is amongst the most visited Caribbean states by tourists and it is also the most developed of the islands in the Caribbean.

How do I enter Barbados?

In order to enter Barbados most states from Africa, Europe and South America, you do not require visas. They only have to have a valid passport. The countries that require visas can obtain them from embassies of Barbados. You can consult with your embassy to get information on visa requirements.

Where do I stay in Barbados?

Barbados being a large island, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to places to stay. They vary from luxurious world class accommodation to budget friendly guest houses that offer bed and breakfast.

You can also opt to stay in apartment hotels or apartments where you enjoy hotel like accommodation, but you have cooking facilities. These ones are easily accessible as most are located close to the beaches and are very ideal for families. There are also luxurious villas and even cottages you can rent in Barbados.

What cuisine options do I have in Barbados?

You can indulge in the iconic flying fish which can be served fried or breaded with yellow sauce. If you are a fun of hot pepper, then the yellow source is the best hot pepper deal. You can also indulge in the traditional dish, the pepperpot. This is basically a stew of pork served in a dark brown spicy source; you cannot leave Barbados without trying this.

You can also indulge in a local sandwich, the cutters, made from salt bread with a variety of filings to select from like ham, flying fish. The only disappointment you will encounter in Barbados is the lack of fast food joints and it will be hard to come across beef products as well. However, you can get fish and chicken sandwiches from most restaurants like Chefette and KFC. You can wash down the meat with gay rum or other rum drinks famous in Barbados.

Why you should rent a car in Barbados?

The most ideal way to tour the amazing places Barbados has to offer is by car hire. It is true that there are other modes of transport, but none of them offers the comfort and versatility car rental offers. There are numerous car hire agencies in Barbados with most international car rental companies located at the airports.

When you rent a car, you will be able to drive from the capital to other towns for sight seeing and still make it back in time for a glass of rum as you enjoy cool music of the Barbados in the night time. You can enjoy club hoping in Barbados in your car rental to the wee hours of the night and still drive off to your hotel in peace.

It is also possible to get cheap car hire in most car hire agencies around Barbados. Enjoy the wildlife reserves in Barbados, the Graeme hall sanctuary, the Sunbury plant house and enjoy surfing at the soup bowl among other amazing places in a car rental.

Barbados car rental and car hire locations

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