Sep 17 2017

Car Recycling Plant equipment, Environmental XPRT, car recycling process.#Car #recycling #process


Car Recycling Plant equipment

Car recycling process

SOYU – scrap car recycling plant

The scrap car body(metal) recycling line adopts a specially designed heavy duty metal shredder for the preliminary shredding,and a horizontal heavy-duty crusher for further process.After that a Dust collection system for removing the dust,and a powerful magnetic separator is used for separating the ferrous metal. the heavy duty metal shredder with .

Car recycling process

ANDRITZ MeWa – Recycling Plants for Automotive Parts

Whenever metal is involved, the ANDRITZ MeWa technology can prove its strengths. Especially components from end-of-life vehicles (ELV), like tires, oil filters, catalytic converters and motor blocks, contain a variety of valuable raw materials for which ANDRITZ MeWa has developed pioneering solutions. Obtaining the rubber from used tires, the .

Car recycling process

KAHL – Waste Tyre Recycling Plants

Waste tyre granulates with a high purity degree; With KAHL flat die pelleting presses the product is ground to a particle size of 0.4 to 0.6 mm. Our company has decades of experience in the compaction and pelleting of raw materials. This process ensures effective and economical granulation of difficult products such as waste tyres – completely .

Car recycling process

Refining Phase Plant

In this phase, it is developed the work establishing the quality of the first finished product. Since years, monitoring the scenery of the granules, we have realized a textile cutting and separation system, which find the largest international market. The mechanic has been treated in the details assuring a long duration, today higher than 30.000 .

By TIRES S.p.A based in Centobuchi di Monteprandone, ITALY. from Recycling Plants Product line

Car recycling process

Heavy Liquid Separation Plant

Recycling plant for car scrapped, consumer electronic products scrapped. Heavy Liquid Separation System is to separate metal scraps classified after crushed small by specific gravity and water mixing adequately. The entire system composed by Magnetic Separator, Various conveyor, Classifier, Crusher, Heavy Liquid Separator, Trommel, Eddy current .

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