Jun 17 2017

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Car Lifts

Important Installation Requirements

When it comes to installing your new car lift, it is vital to know the concrete requirements. Safety is a must when dealing with heavy duty equipment. Specific concrete requirements must be followed when installing two post lifts and four post lifts. Car lifts with a larger foot print do not have concrete requirements. An example of these types of lifts are your storage lifts .

Concrete Specifications For Lift Installation

  • 7,000-10,000lb 2 Post Car Lift 4″ minimum. 3000 PSI concrete
  • 12,000-18,000lb 2 Post Car Lift 6″ minimum. 3000 PSI concrete
  • 7,000-40,000lb 4 Post Car Lift 4″ minimum. 3000 PSI concrete
  • Storage lifts and car lifts with larger footprints do not have specific concrete requirements

When preparing to install a two or four post lift, and you are unsure of the PSI or the thinkness needed for the concrete, it is recommended to pour concrete pads. The pads need to be 12 wider on each side from the base plates of the lift. When pouring for a two post lift, you will need to go down at least 2′, and go down at least 6 for a four post. It is a must to have new concrete cure a minimum of 28 days before installing your car lift.

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