Car Insurance Quotes No Personal Info, insurance quote without personal info.

Car Insurance Quotes No Personal Info, insurance quote without personal info.

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insurance quote without personal info

Insurance quote without personal info

Car Insurance Quotes No Personal Info

Car insurance quotes with no personal info give drivers great information on policies while also protecting their privacy. One of the concerns many online price shoppers have is the security of online transactions. They understandably hope to avoid problems with the security of their identity and of their personal information. For example, it is more than a little aggravating to have to worry about having your personal information sold and getting bombarded with junk mail or email as a result of getting online and getting quotes.

Being concerned about protecting your privacy is totally understandable. In fact, it is smart. There are certainly some unsavory characters out there and it always better to use caution when dealing online. Many people enjoy surfing around and price shopping but not many people relish the possibility of having to give out important information like their driver’s license or Social Security number. It is logical when you think about it. Price shoppers who walk into stores or call companies over the phone for quotes don’t have to give out this kind of information, so there is no reason for them to want to do this online.

Security of Online Insurance Shopping

Finding insurance is often a necessity in states where insurance is mandatory, such as Wisconsin’s auto insurance minimum laws. Fortunately for all of us consumers, there is no need for worry in this area at least. Car insurance companies have gotten hip to the common complaint among drivers that they do not feel comfortable sharing their personal information when they shop online. Insurance providers have come around and now allow consumers to gather quotes while only sharing basic information such as their zip code.

On top of that, reliable online comparison sites secure any information sent and received online using the latest in encryption technology and other means. Online security is a hot button issue across many industries and has been for quite some time now. Advances in online security have been frequent and substantial through the years. Today, reputable sites provide excellent security for all of their users, with so much emphasis on their privacy that online transactions are as safe as those completed in person, if not safer. Shopping online and getting quotes can be done without the shopper having to be concerned about whether their personal information is safe.

Information Required for Online Quotes

It is good to know that as consumers we do not have to give up certain important personal information that could potentially be misused if it ever fell into the wrong hands. But even so, in order to get an accurate rate quote you do have to provide some information for auto insurance providers to work with. They need to know certain things about drivers so that they can properly assess risk and accurately convey to them what it would cost to insure them given the set of circumstances present in the drivers’ lives.

For example, although driver’s license and Social Security numbers are not required, the name of the driver, date of birth, and some description of driving history is important to know for them to be able to provide motorists with accurate vehicle insurance rates. Additional information about the vehicle is required as well, for obvious reasons. Vehicle make and model and the address where it is parked at night give the insurer a picture of what is being insured and the inherent theft risk it assumes based on its location. Some insurers offer basically ballpark quotes and need to know more in order to provide a precise price for prospective customers. But for online customers, this is still very helpful. Just getting ballpark prices together is a great way to narrow down the field and focus in on the companies that seem likeliest to save you some money and provide the best deals.

Driver Responsibilities when Shopping Online

It is great for all of us that we have the chance to get car insurance quotes without providing essential personal info. But as potential consumers we have a responsibility to the insurers we’re working with. Motorists have to be totally honest in providing the information requested. Honesty and thoroughness are both required because without giving complete and true answers we are not giving insurers the information they need to come up with accurate quotes. And in the end that doesn’t do the driver or the insurer a single bit of good. Failure to reveal accidents or citations, for example, will invariably result in coverage offers coming back higher if the driver decides to go with a particular insurer.

And credit history is also important. Being honest about any information requested regarding your track record with credit makes a difference. Without being honest and thorough with the information you provide, there is no sense in getting preliminary quotes at all. Take advantage of a unique opportunity and do your part to find no personal info car insurance quotes.


Car Insurance Quotes No Personal Info, insurance quote without personal info.

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