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Aug 29 2019

Car Insurance for Students, Short Term or Annual Policy, cheap car insurance for college students.

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Student Car Insurance

We offer students the best of both worlds: for those who take their car to uni, there s an affordable annual insurance policy.

And for students who only tend to drive during the holidays, there s another great deal. We ve teamed up with Marmalade to offer you affordable short-term cover to drive a parent or a friend s car, with no risk to their no claims bonus!

The benefits

Flexibility for budget conscious student drivers

This insurance has been specifically designed to provide short-term cover for budget-conscious students who don t need to drive all year round. If you re home for the holidays or just about to start university, it could give you the flexibility you re looking for.

What it covers

No risk to parent s or friend s no claims bonus

Your student car insurance is fully comprehensive, so in the event of any damage to your parent s or friend s car, the claim is made through your policy, not theirs, protecting their no claims bonus. Peace of mind when they can hand the keys over!

Annual policies for student drivers

Are your circumstances a little different? If you re taking your own car to uni and need an annual policy, our 12-month student car insurance is likely to suit your needs.


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