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Apr 10 2017

Car Insurance cost in Chicago (Lincoln: car rental, renting, how much) – Illinois (IL) – City-Data Forum #house #insurance #quotes

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Car Insurance cost in Chicago

How much is insurance for having a car in the city? Any guesstimates on this? I am considering buying a new car for now for my move to the city in a few years. but will not buy it if the costs of insurance to have it in the city are astronomical.

I would get something like a VW TDI Stationwagon or something similar. though probably not use it much.

Are some insurance companies putting a GPS or giving better rates for non frequent drivers? It would essentially just be a grocery getter on weekends, and a take dogs to the parker, occasional trips outside the city.

PS might sound stupid, but I haven’t had a car in 5 years so. not sure what things are going for.

Personally I was fine before in the city not having one. but now that my gf is planning to move back with me, and we also have a dog now. could be a little different.

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