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Sep 21 2017

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Spain has long been a popular choice for families looking for a holiday in the sunshine. The city of Alicante is a top choice with long beaches, a bustling city and a large dose of culture thrown in. It has something to offer every holidaymaker, consistently making it an ideal destination for the young and old alike.

Things to do

The historic Mediterranean port is worth visiting for a wander down by the water to see the cruise ships that come through as well as visit the many restaurants and bars along the sea front. Take an amble down to the marina to look at all the boats docked in the harbour and also see the cranes and work going on in the commercial side of the port. Alternatively, head to the beach for a day of sunbathing and paddling in the sea.

The city will offer you various shopping malls and centres, giving you plenty of choice if you want some good, old-fashioned retail therapy. Alicante’s Old Quarter, El Barrio is popular with the locals as well as tourists and is worth checking out. You’ll find local produce as well as international, big brand names. Leather goods are very popular in the area so if you’re looking for a new handbag or jacket, Alicante is the place to go.

Alicante has several parks that you can spend hours wandering around. Pick up some local produce and pack a picnic. You can spend the day in the parks and soak up the sun and the atmosphere. Alternatively, there’s a nature park that houses several animals, as well as a water park, offering entertainment for the whole family.

There are various historic landmarks to visit both in the city and around it. The Castillo de Santa Barbara is one of the biggest medieval fortresses in Spain and will give you some beautiful views of Alicante. Concatedral de San Nicolas, or San Nicolas Cathedral was built in the 17th Century and has a stunning dome inside. It’s worth a visit if you want to get some great pictures and take in some culture.

Go exploring

If you want to head out of the city to see what else is on offer, hire a car and get on the highways. Madrid is around three hours away and will give you countless things to do. The capital city has all the usual things to do including shopping and eating out. You can also visit the Royal Palace of Madrid and the National Library. A whole host of art museums are available to visit, along with some beautiful architecture found all over the city.

Valencia is another city worth visiting in Spain, but is slightly closer than Madrid. Valencia’s landmarks underwent some restoration work to make them destinations worth seeing. The ancient Towers of the medieval city as well as the San Miguel de los Reyes monastery have both been given a tidy-up. There are a range of five-star hotels scattered across the city so you can enjoy your trip with a little luxury and have a relaxing break after travelling from Alicante.

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