Sep 30 2017

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Types of Finance

What is PCP?

You pay an initial deposit, followed by monthly payments. At the end of your payments a final balloon payment remains. You can either pay this in order to keep the car, part exchange for a new car, or hand the car back.

What is PCH?

You take control of the car for a contractual period. You make fixed monthly payments. When the contract expires you return the car, or take out a contract on a new one.

What is HP?

You pay an initial deposit, followed by monthly payments which are set by you. Once the final payment is made, the HP contract ends – and you own the car.

Customise your Finance

Deal Plus from Arnold Clark

Frequently asked questions

I would like to apply for finance – what documents do I need to bring?

You simply need your debit or credit card (to pay the initial deposit) and your driving licence, as a form of identification.

Can I still get finance with a bad/poor credit rating?

That doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to arrange a finance deal with us. We work with more than 20 lenders to find the right finance package for everyone.

Please do make our team aware if you know you have a poor credit score – it means we can find the right finance option more efficiently. Speak to one of our Sales Staff for more information.

I’m in negative equity with my current car – can I still get finance?

That doesn’t matter. We can advise you on the ideal time to change your car – pop into a branch and speak to one of our Sales Staff. We also have lenders who can underwrite this type of finance, normally offering a Personal Loan facility based on your credit score and not on the vehicle.

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