Oct 5 2017

Capital One Credit Cards Hurt Your Credit Score #borrow #money #with #bad #credit

#get credit score for free

Capital One Credit Cards Hurt Your Credit Score

If you have a credit card with Capital One. chances are your credit score is lower than it would be with a different credit card. This is because Capital One (and possibly other companies) don t report your true credit limit.

Part of the calculation for your credit score is your ratio of used credit to credit available. $100 used out of $10,000 (a ratio of 1%) available is good. Rather than your real credit limit, Capital One report your highest credit usage. So if $200 is the highest amount of credit you ve used, then your ratio is $100 out of $200 (a ratio of 50%), which is not nearly as good and can hurt your

You won t have any luck trying to get Capital One to report your true credit limit.

Here s a reminder: The only website for getting your free credit report is If you go to any other website, you run the risk of being sold something you can get for free. On the other hand, your true FICO score can only be purchased from MyFICO. Don t accept any imitations.

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