May 1 2017

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Welcome to Cape Travel

In Massachusetts “Cape” means Cape Cod.

On the Gulf Coast, “Cape” means travel.

The name Cape has been synonymous with travel in South Alabama for more than 40 years. Murray Cape pioneered the concept of combining exceptional service and actual travel experience with travel planning, sending agents out to actually sample destinations in order to help clients plan a trip. His son, Steve Cape, has worked alongside his father in the family business and continues to provide that same level of personal attention that can make your travel experience a more enjoyable one. When you want to take the stress out of planning and travel, you simply have to turn things over to Cape Travel and let them make your trip as smooth as possible.

When you have as much experience as the agents at Cape Travel do, you know the tricks of the trade. We know the secret handshake that can get you an upgrade or perks you wouldn’t find making your own plans on the Internet.

Our partnership with the Signature Travel Network can provide you with extra amenities you might not otherwise receive. Signature has more than 4.5 billion dollars in sales; that kind of volume translates into both savings and perks for our clients. And when you combine Signature’s state of the art technology and the travel experiences of our agents, you’ll discover it pays to have a travel professional take care of your needs.

You want the most value for your travel dollar. Why not let Cape Travel take care of the planning and get you more bang for your buck at the same time?

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