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Aug 15 2019

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Pharmacies put a great emphasis on socio-economic and health statuses of any country. With the passage of time, the pharmacy keeps on implementing, greatly highlighting its expert qualities in the health care department. With Canada’s ageing population and increasing the cost of medication; Canada’s pharmacists have been working on providing the safest and cost effective drugs to its customers.

Canada’s research about improving its health outcomes are in practice while reducing the burden from the public health care system. With the growing research on health, a great role has been played by the pharmacists in each territory of Canadian pharmacy. Convenient, cost-effective and accessibility are the three major goals of pharmacists of Canada. Due to such important factors, the sustainability and well being of Canadians is integral to the health care systems. Such features do not only bring change within the health systems but also amplifies the sustainability results further positively affecting the society, environment, regulations, public mindset and professional allegations.

The pharmacy profession in Canada has evolved on high levels. A recent expansion in practice has included several things into the pharmacists’ job description apart from providing prescribed medicines. In current years, this profession has been taken to new practices adding services to its profession for instance; providing consultation services and health care delivery to the customers. This has not only increased the trust of the canadian pharcharmy online but has also raised the reliability of locals on their pharmaceuticals. Such implementations within the pharmacists has changed the culture and evaluated such profession as the providers of health care services.

These changes have brought up two major distinctions within one environment i.e. pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to increase the reliability in Canada’s health service programs. Working of these two groups in the same environment brings up the information of patients, further clarifying their roles to the public. The pharmacists take care of the clinical aspects by providing the drug decision making that would suit the patient. On the other hand, the pharmacy technicians emphasize on the prescriptions, preparation of product and distributing it later. Such functioning of these groups keeps the environment safe and healthy.

Moreover, additional scopes have been supplemented which allow the pharmacists to renew and formulate the drug dosage- which would allow them to change the dosage of patients to improve the health outcome of that patient. Initiate the drug prescribed or inject the drug through injection.

One of the most important reasons of initiating pharmacists as the source of health care was rural areas of Canada. Canadians living in urban areas managed to get the health care services to cater with their diseases and daily checkups. However, Canadians living in rural area had lack of such services and disproportion in getting to the nurses, pharmacists or physicians. To look after rural Canadians need of health care services, pharmacists became the source to be connected with the locals to watch over them regarding any health issue. They began to work as a team under health care services which made easier for the Rural Canadians to get prescribed by the physicians with the help of Pharmacists- who would look after their drugs needed for certain conditions.

Today, pharmacists are seen as the trusted and approachable profession for health care. Pharmacists, be in rural or urban areas of canadian pharmacies have to be patient-centred, easy to get to and high quality service providers. With the increased duties of pharmacists, they need to conduct practice research and keep improving the delivery of health services.

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Even a program has begun for the implementation of the blueprint pharmacy- it is designed to facilitate the changes within the pharmacy practice for the improvement of health care services. The program is known as The Canadian Pharmacy Services Framework. This scheme will help deliver the services which are easily affordable and are valuable to the Canadians. This framework is quite helpful because it indicates the fees for different services. And most importantly, it creates a common and unified voice for pharmacy amongst the people of Canada.

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Canada is known for its Health care services because of the recent implementations made but also because of its accessibility. Many of their canadian pharmacies are open 24/7 in service of their local people. And it’s not only about the capital city of canadian pharcharmy online but in almost every city within this country has numerous pharmacies. And according to the research results, 55% of people of Canada visit the pharmacies every week. Pharmacies are the constant support to the health care services. Where the health care services try their best to cater all its patients, on the other hand pharmacies provide health services to the areas because they are easily reachable to the population.

Canada has improved a lot in fitness and health services for its population. It not only changed the health laws but also immensely developed the hospital and pharmaceutical services. This achievement has not only improvised the role of Pharmacists in Canada only but it has also been achieved worldwide to undertake urban as well as rural areas of countries.

Well, for public knowledge there are large public groups to make population aware about these new practices taking place in their country. However, this becomes a part of educating the public regarding such changes in order to make them alert about it. Well, to put such practices in process- many resources and time has to be utilized to learn such skills before using them. This new strategy has brought a great change within the environment of Canada which not only achieved some but many of the priorities of the public. Such as reduction in unnecessary costs of doctors and emergency rooms, by putting more emphasis on the skills of pharmacists focusing on safety and right use of medications, progressing the health outcomes within Canada and allocating the high needs of the population.

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