#California real estate #California #real #estate

#California real estate #California #real #estate

California real estate

California real estate

Our In-Class Training serves areas across California

New sessions start every month

New sessions start every month

Our In-Class Training serves areas across California


Why Choose Us?

  • We provide the best online licensing coursework.
  • We offer live in-class supplemental training that will prepare you for success in the Real Estate Profession.
  • We offer over 40 hours of online supplemental training videos.
  • We provide additional help for students when submitting paperwork to the Department of Real Estate.


Enroll With Us

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WEEKLY classes

Receive in-depth knowledge from an experienced agent.

complete courses

User-friendly system to help you complete the required courses.

pass state exam

We assist you through the application and preparation process.


CA Realty Training is well known for its top-notch training and leadership!

We provide you with information beyond the required state material and our trainers are dedicated to bringing that material to life with their own personal experiences. The trainers give detailed information about current market trends and provide you with fun examples to help you remember the material.

Register online today for any of the correspondence courses below!

Online Licensing Course Duration:

  • Take course 100% online.
  • Finish your salesperson license courses in as little as 54 days! Our course materials meet all Department of Real Estate (DRE) requirements.
  • You have one year to complete the course, from date of registration.

In Class Supplemental Training Session Duration:

  • Supplemental In-Class Training offers real-world knowledge and tips to become the best agent possible. All of our trainers are experienced veterans, who are leaders in this industry, providing you with real life examples and taking the textbook material further in depth. Classes are designed as a supplement to the mandatory online training material. You will earn your certificates through your online courses. This is a great opportunity to network and the best way to jump start your real estate career!


Real Estate License School

#California real estate #California #real #estate

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