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Aug 28 2019

California Auto Insurance Requirements – Titan Insurance, california auto liability insurance.

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California Auto Insurance Requirements

California law requires all drivers to provide proof of financial responsibility or carry auto liability insurance on any cars operated or parked on state roadways. Liability insurance provides protection against injury and/or property damage caused by an insured driver. Liability is different from Comprehensive or Collision insurance, which – regardless of fault – covers damage to an insured vehicle in the event of a loss. Comprehensive and Collision fall outside the state’s financial responsibility requirements, but may be required if leasing a car by lender.

Minimum California auto insurance requirements

The State of California has set minimum auto liability insurance requirements that must be met by drivers in order to comply with the law. Drivers must carry at least,

Although these liability coverages represent the minimum car insurance in California, drivers are always able to purchase additional coverage amounts and other types of coverage such as Collision, Comprehensive, Medical Payments or Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist. These additional coverages provide protection in different situations. All provide financial assistance to drivers or vehicle owners whose automobiles have been involved in an accident, whether they caused the accident or not.

About California auto insurance

Other than being a financial responsibility requirement, there are a few other items about California auto insurance requirements that drivers should know. Some are:

Consequences of not complying with California auto insurance requirements

Not having proper proof of financial responsibility covering the minimum car insurance in California can result in the suspension of the vehicle registration. This can happen when:

If a vehicle registration is suspended and the vehicle is still driven, the driver can be cited and fined, the vehicle may be impounded and the driver can be liable for any damages that result from a collision.

Other acceptable types of financial responsibility

Auto liability insurance isn’t the only form of financial responsibility available to drivers, but it is by far the most common and most affordable. Other accepted types of financial responsibility are:

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