Oct 7 2016

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Welcome to Premium Trade Cars

Premium Trade Cars, are a trading partner of the Halliwell Jones Group, BMW/MINI franchised dealers representing the North West of England and North Wales.

Based at our Southport dealership, Premium Trade Cars is able to offer carefully selected Halliwell Jones Group part exchange vehicles at very competitive prices.

Our experienced and professional staff will be happy TO discuss any one of our Premium Trade Cars in precise detail including specification, condition, service history and previous ownership. We offer part exchange.

Don’t worry if we have not listed your dream car, please contact us with your wish list, we may well have something coming soon or indeed be able to source a vehicle for you.

Buy Used Cars

I`ve always bought used cars as I just can’t get my head around the fact that buying a new car means that you lose money as soon as you drive it out of the showroom. The depreciation sets in right from the start and the heaviest depreciation is always in the first years of the car’s life.

When I buy used cars, I look for ones that have been looked after by their former owners and I tend to buy one owner vehicles that have full service histories with them. One of the great benefits of buying a second hand car is you’ll normally acquire a whole lot of car for your money. Buy a year old example and you will save fortunes on the new price, plus, be in the position to buy a model with a better specification than you could have afforded if it were new.

There are a number of ways to buy used cars, the most obvious of which is through a trader that sells vehicles from a forecourt or showroom. This tends to be a safe option for many customers, if they don’t know that much about cars. Main dealers offer facilities such as finance and warranties and when customers buy used cars through reputable sites they might be able to negotiate a few extras such as car mats or extended road tax to sweeten the deal.

Second Hand Cars

You can pick up some really good bargains if you know where to look for second hand cars. Anyone thinking of buying a used motor has a number of options they can choose.

Firstly, they can call at dealerships that sell good quality vehicles. Buying a car through a trader is normally a safer option as you`ll have some comeback if the car breaks down as soon as you have bought it. If you aren’t that clued up when it comes to cars, this might be the safest option for you. If you can, take somebody with you who knows a thing or two about motors and they can help when it comes to haggling.

Buying second hand cars privately can bring quite a few rewards as you could pick up a car that has been cherished by its former owner and it will prove to be the bargain of the century. However, caution should be taken when buying privately, as, unfortunately, there are a few unscrupulous folks about that will try to sell you a car that is unreliable or has some kind of dubious history with it. Certain checks can be performed to make sure the car hasn’t been stolen or involved in an accident and you can always get the mechanics of the vehicle checked out before you part with your money. With plenty of second hand cars available to buy at any given time it’s worth taking your time to find the right one.

Used Cars Southport

Why shell out for a new car when there are plenty of bargains that can be found in the second hand market? You can buy a nearly new vehicle that is only a few months old and it will give you massive savings on the list price. Some of the cars will have tiny mileages and they will have retained their new car smell. Say you are looking for a used car Southport and want to negotiate a cracking deal. There are plenty of quality traders or car supermarkets about that sell fine motors at unbelievable prices.

When you buy a new car you have to pay for options as extras and this can make the original price soar. Many buyers have to compromise and make do with lower specifications, but this isn’t the case when you are buying used cars. Look at used car Southport and you’ll find a top spec model for much less than you could have imagined.

Dealers normally have ranges of facilities that they can offer you to make the sales process a little easier. They can provide finance, part exchanges and normally have extended warranties that can be provided for the vehicle. A good dealership wants to keep their customers happy as they know that repeat sales can depend on how each transaction is perceived by the buyer. So, if you are looking for used cars southport, why not see what you local dealership has on their forecourt?

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