Sep 7 2017

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Infor Analytics

Turn information into action with Infor Analytics

Today’s greatest business opportunities lie in your ability to analyze trends quickly and interpret faint signals to uncover profitable new ways to serve and delight customers. Many of those opportunities already exist in your organization. Infor Analytics provides pertinent, pre-built industry analytics content to work across enterprise systems and make pivotal information easily accessible and actionable for your users.

Infor Analytics at a glance

  • Pre-packaged, industry-specific content
  • Pivotal data delivered in-context by role or business domain
  • Part of Infor’s cloud-based industry suites

Explore the EFM resource center

See what your users, business, and industry can achieve with data

Accelerate your ability to answer critical questions specific to your business area with wide variety of Infor Analytics content packages that are specialized by industry.

From a general ledger that can act as a data warehouse—incorporating both financial and non-financial data—to embedded analytics delivered by role, Infor Analytics sets the standard for modern financial management technology.

Enhance labor data to help your organization measure activity, monitor trends, and evaluate processes with an eye toward improvement. With the quality measures and pre-delivered content of Infor Analytics, you can focus on labor productivity and effective staffing.

You can easily examine data down to the detail level thanks to Infor Analytics’ integrated data, total visibility, and accurate tracking. Flexible reporting gives your engineering staff valuable information to help improve product or part designs, and supports better decision making and planning.

Isolate key data to reveal patterns and provide decision support to manage operations more cost-efficiently while remaining true to your mission of delivering quality patient care. Infor Analytics offers solutions that are specially built for healthcare organizations by healthcare experts.

Respond to changing consumer tastes and market demands and fine-tune your analysis by style, color, season, brand, and many more critical dimensions with a tool that has been endorsed by the International Apparel Federation (IAF) and developed with strong user input from both apparel brands and apparel manufacturers.

Improve customer service and your margins, by knowing how your actual catch weight tracks against the nominal weight. Maximize product quality by better understanding passed versus failed tests across laboratories, testers, and products.

Strengthen your business by identifying unreliable equipment and maladaptive equipment that may result in cost overruns. With M3 Analytics, you can also see how well you are utilizing your rental equipment fleet and focus on your most profitable customer contracts

Effectively manage risk and improve outcomes by proactive tracking of complex projects, monitoring compliance, and controlling costs; identify trends in nonconformance issues early on, minimizing risk and improving quality.

Empower your users and make data a competitive advantage

Gain insights in the context of each user’s work flow

Provide powerful embedded BI access to more of your users on home pages tailored specifically for their roles, priorities and business domains. Rather than logging in and out of systems to search for data, users have in-context BI surfaced right alongside the tasks they are completing as part of their user flow. The result is increased productivity and the ability to make better decisions faster.

Improve decision making immediately

To help answer your most critical business questions, Infor Analytics offers robust pre-packaged analytics by industry and domain. High-value industry and business-standard KPIs, configurable dashboards, a plethora of pre-built BI widgets and reports that get you productive quickly, while helping make best practices your practices.

Design dashboards and reports tailored to your needs

Browse and analyze multidimensional data using a pre-defined set of chart templates or explore your data using ad-hoc analysis. Create reports and configure dashboards with pre-built analytics, strategic KPIs, operational metrics, industry data models, and a library of charts and widgets. A vast array of state-of-the-art visualizations and self-service capabilities put actionable data at your fingertips.

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