Oct 7 2016

Burson Auto Parts adds to diagnostic tool range #used #car #websites

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Burson Auto Parts adds to diagnostic tool range

Burson Auto Parts has introduced a number of new diagnostic tools that includes the Autel range of mini-tablet and tablet sized diagnostic scan tools with easy to read colour touch screens and multi-volt capability.

Other tools in the range include the MaxiDas DS708 with built in wi-fi for printing and updating to the main unit, the Max-Sys Maximini and Maxi-Pro scan that include A9 quad-core processors and comprehensive OE level vehicle coverage.

Among the Autel range’s other features are wireless vehicle communication interface (VCI), adaptors to suit older vehicles and the ability to re-program as required. These and other tools are available through Burson Auto Parts finance options starting from less than $20 per week or for a tax-deductible equipment investment of less than $2500 outright.

G-Scan products featuring electronic steering angle calibration/reset, DPF regeneration for diesel vehicles, key programming, CVT automatic transmission relearn, hybrid vehicle battery reset, etc are available from $39.37 per week or about $6000 outright.

The G-Scan range also includes the G-Scan2 four-channel lab scope with 16-gig memory card, wi-fi, bluetooth and three years of free software updates. The G-Scan GS2-Starter has a four-channel oscilloscope, Flex Ray and Bluetooth, CAN analyser and true RMS multi and simulator functions.

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