Feb 26 2018

Burnside plumbing

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Craig’s Gas Plumbing was established in 1998. The majority of my staff including myself have worked as plumbers gas fitters for over 25 years. In that time, we have developed a vast knowledge of gas appliance servicing installation, as well as general plumbing.

At Craig’s Gas Plumbing, we are committed to a high level of customer satisfaction have excelled at servicing installing a large range of gas appliances.

Craig’s Gas Plumbing also subcontracts to the Department of Human Services maintaining more than 5,500 properties, which we supply a high standard of service installation to government specifications. We also offer maintenance of gas appliances for both private Real Estate managed properties.

At Craig’s Gas Plumbing, we stock more than 100 new commonly installed gas appliances so that when an urgent job arises, we can install in most cases, within one to two working days.

The appliances pricing supplied on this website are an outline of some of the installations we do are only supplied as a guide. For fixed prices quotes please contact our office by phone or email we will help you decide on the best replacement new installation of a gas appliance.

If we supply and install a new gas appliance, the existing appliance will be removed at no extra charge (unless notified otherwise), unlike other installers which may have hidden removal charges.

All jobs carried out by Craig’s Gas Plumbing will come with a tax invoice be undertaken by registered Plumbers Gas fitters all quoted prices will include GST without having to ask.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding any plumbing gas fitting requirements.

Craig’s Gas Plumbing Services Most Melbourne Suburbs.

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