Jun 12 2017

Browse Open Houses – the Victoria Real Estate Board #lake #oconee #real #estate

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Start Your Search

You’ll want to filter these down to the types of properties you may be interested in. Do so using “Start Your Search”.

From here you can choose:

  • one or more districts
  • one or more open house dates
  • your upper limit for listing price
  • the minimum number of bedrooms to include
  • the minimum number of bathrooms to include
  • one or property types

Or, if you happen to know one or more MLS numbers of listings that are open, you can specify just those (press enter on the keyboard after each MLS number).

Hide Your Search

Once you’ve specified your requirements, the map will adjust to show you matching listings. You’ll want to “Hide Your Search” so you can see them all and work with the map.

Map View

You can move the map left and right or up and down by clicking and dragging it. You can zoom in and out using your mouse wheel, the “+” and “-” controls on the map itself. On touch screen devices, dragging and pinching to zoom all work as expected.

Hover over a map pin to reveal its address and MLS number.

Click on a map pin to open a thumbnail summary of the listing with a photo. Check a thumbnail’s check box to select this listing for printing or for inclusion on a driving tour.

Click on a thumbnail’s photo to open a detailed view of the listing, inclusive of all available photos and details. On this detailed view you can contact the listing REALTOR for more information or to arrange a showing.

List View

This view of your filtered results is tabular and helps make comparisons easier:

  • Sort by clicking on column headers.
  • Click photos for the detailed view.
  • Check one or more listings for printing or to create a driving tour.

Driving Tour

Once you’ve selected two-ten listings, you can click the Driving Tour tab to generate the driving directions to take you from one listing to the next.


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