Aug 16 2017

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Broward College

Please stay away from this school. there Quite Bright

Please stay away from this school. there is always an issue with financial aid and scheduling. honestly the professors are awful. My professors this semester never even show up. and they don’t even email us to tell us that they wont be coming to class. Most of the professors i have had were beyond ridiculous. My English teacher felt the need to tell us that she failed out of college, but broward college hired her. This is honestly my last semester here. i have wasted 2 years of my life here. i should’ve graduated a year ago. Since there is ALWAYS an issue with financial aid, my classes keep getting dropped. then i am told that the classes are full. That leaves me taking 1 CLASS PER SEMESTER, when i was originally signed up for at least 5 classes.please please please stay away from here. Coming here as a transfer student, i had a GPA of 3.5. my GPA is now barely a 2.0! the professors here honestly do not care about your education. if you want to get into a competitive major (nursing,medicine,Physician assistant), please take the drive to Miami Dade College. Broward SUCKS!

3rd Year Female — Class 1921

Perceived Campus Safety. D+. Education Quality. F

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If it’s not because they have good tuition prices, I would have long been gone. Every semester there is an issue with my financial aid. Always unable to start my classes online because of their system. I can’t wait until I never have to go back to that school.

5th Year Female — Class 2018

Friendliness. B-. Individual Value. F

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Their fame to claim is ?We are the cheapest College in tow Quite Bright Biology

Their fame to claim is ?We are the cheapest College in town? and it shows by the way the Broward College Davie Campus Administration treats their Facility and Staff. They are the lowest waged college employees excluding third-world countries. Broward College should halt competing with online colleges and universities, extinguish their expanding outside the country, and start concentrating on becoming something greater then extended high school remedial experience.

1st Year Male — Class 2016

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