Feb 28 2018

Broadband packages uk

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No Activation Fee

Plusnet Overview

Plusnet is a Sheffield-based communications company that believes in putting the customer first. They offer great-value, unlimited broadband (and they mean genuinely unlimited broadband!) and low cost calls packages. Founded in 1997, the company has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the UK’s larger broadband service providers.
What sets them apart is that Plusnet like to play fair, skip the jargon and keep things uncomplicated. There is award-winning UK-based customer service available to you as a customer. This is why they have such a high customer satisfaction rating – better than bigger telephone and broadband competitors. They make it easy for customers to switch providers and enjoy savings.

Plusnet Broadband Packages

Plusnet Products Services

As a Communications Provider, Plusnet has 3 products: Broadband, Fibre Broadband and Phone.
The broadband products have unlimited usage, and speeds of up to 17Mb, giving you the fastest broadband that your telephone line can handle. Activation is included (worth £25) and a Wireless router (worth £40).
The Fibre Broadband products deliver unlimited speeds of up to 76Mb, allowing you to do more at once. Stream your favourite TV, films and songs, enjoy online gaming without pause, and the quickest file uploads and downloads, all at once in the same household. The activation (worth £50) and the fastest router yet, the Plusnet Hub One (worth £99.99) is included.
Plusnet phone products include voicemail, 1471, and 141. A variety of packages allow minutes to UK, International and other Plusnet numbers.
Both of the Plusnet internet products include Plusnet SafeGuard and Plusnet Protect for safe browsing. All products are supported 365 days a year, with award winning online and phone service.

Switching to Plusnet

It has never been this easy to join Plusnet! Move to the award-winning services without a MAC Key and (typically) without having to contact your current provider! At each step of the move, Plusnet will keep you in the loop throughout.
To move from Sky, BT, Talk Talk, or another ADSL or Fibre provider, simply sign to one of the Plusnet packages and they’ll contact the old provider for you and move you by a minimum of 10 working days.
To move from Virgin Media or other Cable providers, sign up to any of the Plusnet packages and contact your old provider once an activation date has been confirmed.

Plusnet Extras

They say the best things in life are free. Plusnet know free things keep customers happy, and that’s all they really care about. With all of the products, they throw in a few handy extras so you won’t have any bills sneak up on you once you’ve signed up.
Plusnet gives you the fastest broadband speed your line can handle, and all of their broadband packages are unlimited. Also included is a wireless router worth £40, and all you have to pay is P ?>

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