Mar 21 2018

Bright House Networks Review

Several plans to choose from

Bright House Networks has five different cable Internet plans available, covering a wide range of speeds and prices. Their Lite plan offers 1 Mbps, which could be all that you need if you only use the Internet occasionally. For heavy Internet users, there is the Lightning 90 package, with speeds up to 90 Mbps. No matter what your needs or budget, it s pretty safe to assume that Bright House Networks has a plan that can work for you.

Fast upload speeds

With Bright House Networks Lightning 90 plan, you can get upload speeds up to 10 Mbps. This is fairly fast, considering that some cable Internet companies only offer 5 Mbps speeds at best. If you frequently upload photos or videos to the web, you won t be hampered by performance on the Bright House Internet plans. Rest assured that having access to Bright House Internet service gives you some of the faster upload and download speeds available.

Low equipment lease fee

Bright House Networks charges an equipment lease fee that is just half of what some cable Internet providers charge their customers. Though these fees are usually just a few dollars per month, it doesn t take long for that to add up. Over the course of a year, Bright House Networks lower lease rates could save you a pretty significant amount of money, maybe even enough to cover your next month s bill.

The Bad

Only available in five states

The biggest thing going against Bright House Networks is that they have a very limited service area. They only provide cable Internet services in five states: Michigan, Alabama, Florida, California, and Indiana. It s not a knock against Bright House s services, but there are other cable Internet providers with much bigger service areas and the fact that Bright House is not widely available doesn t help their cause.

Expensive setup fee

Bright House Networks is one of the few cable Internet providers to charge their users a setup fee — and a particularly pricey one at that. This is a one-time fee and may not be too much of a problem, but nobody enjoys being nickled and dimed. Many of the other Internet service providers out there do not charge a setup fee at all.

Can’t update contact info online

Something you might not notice until actually opening a Bright House account is that you can t update your contact information without first contacting a customer support representative. Almost every other cable Internet provider allows you to change this information quickly and easily through your online account. As far as criticisms go, this is relatively minor and shouldn t have a large impact on your overall experience with Bright House Networks cable Internet service.

The Details

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