Brewdog stock price

Brewdog stock price

Brewdog <a title="stock" href="">stock</a> price-Brewdog <a title="stock" href="">stock</a> price
Brewdog stock price-lll➤ Western Digital deals & offers in the UK ⇒ September 2019 ✅ Get the best discounts, cheapest price for Western Digital and save money ➤

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10% off for new customer 10% off for subscribing to newsletter 7% cashback on Quidco Makes it £49.21 Have fun 🙂 Good deal, got it for £52.79 also. Thanks for the tip! I got it using youth discount for ages 55+ (you need a passport number to verify instantly). Alternatively if you’ve got a email that should work too. Sign up was from a link on the wd site How do you get this discount? Discount can be stacked with the 20% Student / Teacher / Youth discount to give 30% off Got mine ordered for £46.19 each

Followed the Link Fizz posted. Manage to get a 3TB My passport (recertified)for £59:99. Which i thought was a very good price! (y) So big thanks (y) Ah, I’ve been visiting the website with my smartphone, not my laptop. Thanks for clearing that up. Strange. It should at least take you to the outlet page. The filter under specials. The link wouldn’t do anything for me. Thank you anyway. So you dont need to search next time, In the footer it has an outlet link, you can then filter recertified, or use this link

so price of recertified and new is same now? :O Price jumped to £84 No problems with my 2tb for the Xbox one so far 🙂 Black still in stock. If you buy a WD product, you would normally get a 20% off code to use within the next 30 days. If any of you have bought this, have the code and dont mind helping out a fellow HUKD member, please pm me.

Just got two. After shucking, they run extremely cool-ly without noise in a microserver. It was a nightmare to get them out without damaging the housings. They just didn’t come out cleanly at all so the housings got damaged. They are the white ones Ps no tape needed in a microserver So for the haters. Took the plung a while back, was a white label drive. It’s in my unraid server since and is officially the drive that runs the coolest in the server. Ironically it’s at the top so should be the hottest. I have Reds, a Green, Seagate’s, etc. Plug them in to your laptop. Run crystaldiskinfo. This will tell you the health of the drives etc. This will avoid you having to shuck, find problems then return it. Also, if you shuck correctly using old cards / plastic picks. You will be able to slide the drives back in if they ever fail and claim off the 3 year warranty. If it looks noticeable these drives have been removed, remember you have no warranty. Just to let anyone know, I have shucked two drives I got from prime day. Both white label drives. I also did the 3.3v mod on the drives (placed Kapton tape over the 3.3v pin). These are currently running in my Synology and are working great. I used mine on PC doing multiple back up simultaneously and it crashed I suppose on a not so demanding and not multitasking it must be ok. Why is this cold, anyone? Only one rectified item from them ever had an issue, a faulty USB cable with a 6tb external HDD. Didn’t need the cable as I took the drive out of the case anyway. I’ve had 2x 4tb passport ultras from WD recertified store for £46 & £39 (discount voucher from first purchased HDD) early January 2018 Never had a problem with either. One is attached to PS4 Pro and the other to my Xbox one. They’re used daily for downloading and playing games directly from the HDD and never missed a beat. not once. The disk came in a brand new state with cellophane on the glossy parts of the casing , vac formed plastic inner and in a plain brown outer box. I spoke to CS beforehand regarding the state of the recertified units and they said that most are simply unused (new) damaged box returns. Many of my mates have bought them as well and not one has had a problem. As with any tech , you will always get some faulty products in a batch. You may have just been unlucky It’s very interesting I received a similar email from WD for 6tb desktop back up rectified price Normandy £199 rectified version £109 ie nearly half price. Then for some reason I looked at WD shop and they were selling the exact same item brand new for £125 ie rectified unit was only £6 cheaper than brand new. What I also found in the past rectified units are faulty returned units that they test did not find fault with them and they resell but the fault is still there as I found a hard way last year when my brand new rectified unit crashed after 6 hours and lost all the backed up data. WD excuse was “this could happen to any unit” my reply was you can have it back if that how much confident you have in your own product.

The synology, it’s much less locked down and performance is better. Although If you can build a PC, then get a mini ITX all-in-one board (just needs RAM and HDD) and build your own, much cheaper and can do way more with it. This or synology ds218+ Hi removed £569.99 NBP (next best price) as this item is currently £467.99 at WD store (y) The 2tb is still available I now see what you mean. Def a call ahead jobbie. The closest to me is Bluewater, which is still ages away, so will keep my eye on the app. Thanks again, and definitely not rambling! 😀 Sorry if I rambled on a bit. ‘Er indoors is always having a go at me about it lol. I appreciate the concise reply. Thank you! I use the JL app on my mobile. Select the HD in blue. Under QUANTITY it shows “OOS online”, however, below that is a box stating CHECK STORE STOCK. Click on that and it will show stock by individual store. As I said before it only shows 1 or 2 for a few stores so that might be actual to computer stock discrepancies. Happy hunting! Price seems to be £90.99 Expired? Not designed by Porsche so they won’t win a beauty contest. The Issey Miyake range of hard drives but of course you did (lol) Yeah course you can mate. Recieved today. you won’t lose it! I had been using it for years – since the XP days. even though there has been no update since 2.1 in 2009, it has still run fine on every OS since XP including win7,8 and 10 with no complications. Lots of apps developed way before win10 run fine on it. Obviously a win10 specific version would not have existed before win 10 but it doesn’t mean versions that run on a previous OS will not run on a new OS. I still use MS money from 2005. Those are some interesting points you’ve raised there to be honest. And some freaky one’s too at that, unfortunately. (A few others on here in the past have raised similar concerns/issues of the same also, etc). As I too have some 4TB WD portable HDD’s I’ve purchased in the past. As losing that amount of data on ANY of those thing’s, is kinda scary as hell!, to say the very least?. 🙁 Fortunately enough though, I have a mixture of Toshiba one’s, as well as Seagate/Samsung one’s. So I might contemplate backing up all the stuff’s on the WD one’s onto some of the other one’s instead. I do backup’s of backup’s anyway (which I’ve never had any issues to call to account with on the other brand’s), but on my WD one’s, I’m now a bit hesitant to swear the same now (but fortunately enough for now at least, so far so good across the board, etc etc). It’s a shame that there’s more portable WD HDD Deal’s always floating about on here, than that of the other equivalent portable HDD’s out there?. As I might now be more inclined to look via that side of thing’s from now on, or whatever . All the best with your own portable HDD woes and suchlike as well, etc. 🙂


Brewdog stock price


Brewdog stock price

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