Sep 20 2017

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Braille Business Cards

Show everyone you care. Let us make your printed business cards readable by the blind. We’re friendly, affordable, experienced . and fast!

Making an Impact

Considerable time and expense is typically involved in getting your name in front of consumers. In addition, a business card is often the only thing a customer will take away from a meeting with you. That’s why you want to make sure the card they receive is unforgettable!

Why Braille your Cards?

Here at the Future Aids Copy Center, adding Braille to your business cards quickly and economically is our specialty. The general public will be impressed with your organization’s dedication to all members of society when you give out Braille business cards. Most important, however, is the positive way blind clients will view your company when they are handed a card they can read independently.

How it Works

Whether you need a couple hundred or five thousand business cards Brailled, you can count on receiving outstanding customer service, as well as a three-day turnaround guarantee. Generally, folks send us their already-printed business cards through the mail. Once received, we immediately emboss your contact information onto each card in crisp, sharp Braille. Our custom-built machinery allows us to do this in mear hours instead of days, making our services both lightning fast and super affordable. Once all your cards have been Brailled, they are packed into their box . and mailed right back to you.

What does it cost?

It’s quite simple, really – and backed by our lowest-price guarantee. The minimum charge, which covers setup, is only $40, and includes Brailling of up to 250 cards. If you need 500 Braille business cards, the fee is a flat $60. Additional cards thereafter are even cheaper (see below). Return shipping is extra, charged at actual USPS rates. Payment can be made with any major credit card, by PayPal, or with a certified or company check.

Getting Started

Because Braille is so much larger than regular print, we probably don’t have room to Braille all the information that’s printed on your cards. That’s why we need you to tell us what information is most important to you. In most cases, you will want your name, organization, and phone number Brailled on each card.

We can Braille up to four lines, thirteen characters per line, on standard-sized business cards. All cards will be embossed in ADA-compliant, grade 2 contracted Braille, unless otherwise requested. We will print the Braille on the back of your cards; again, unless you instruct us to do otherwise.

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