Aug 10 2017

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Boquete Real Estate

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Boquete Real Estate

Boquete. is a town on the Caldera River, in the green mountain highlands in western-most province Chiriqui, about 602km from the border with Costa Rica.

Due to its location in the highlands of the province of Chiriqui, it has a perfect spring-like climate at an elevation of a little over 3000 ft. with clean air, clear water, and a welcoming community. On the lush green hillsides gourmet coffee is grown and at times the smell of roasting coffee sends wonderful aromas through the town. If you love Colorado, Oregon or British Columbia, you will love Boquete.

Boquete boasts a very lively music and arts scene. The annual Boquete Jazz Festival was founded in 2007, and it s the second largest jazz festival in the country after the Panama City Jazz Festival. The festival was recently renamed the Boquete Jazz Blues Festival.

Some of its landmarks include nearby Volc n Bar , a dormant volcano and, at 3,475 meters, the tallest point of land in Panama. Hikers enjoy a relatively easy hike up and over the volcano, along the Sendero de los Quetzales, which runs from Boquete up to Cerro Punta and Volcan, on the other side of the volcano. The Caldera River runs through the town. It is a river that has shaped much of its form.

There is a large community of expats in Boquete; according to La Contraloria General de la Nacion, the government institution in charge of the census, there are over 3,000 foreigners permanently living in Boquete coming from over 30 different countries. Although Americans and Canadians make out the majority of ex pats, there is a quite large group of immigrants from Colombia and Venezuela and the third largest group of immigrants coming from European countries. This increase in immigrants has made possible the flourish of new industries and business, owned both by locals and foreigner. The most relevant industry is the hotel Industry; there are currently over 50 accommodations in Boquete, ranging from 5 stars resorts to backpackers motels Along with hotels, many new restaurants have opened in Boquete during the very active high season that starts on November 1 and runs until April 30th. Several other business oriented to serve the tourist have flourished in Boquete: golf, river rafting, trekking and hiking, canopy tours, biking and many other outdoor activities for visitors of all ages. Another main activity that has exponentially grown in Boquete is the real estate industry. Boquete has become a paradisiac destination for million dollar listings for those looking for top end luxury places and mountain living.

Currently, real estate values in the Panama highlands around Boquete are the best they have ever been in years. You can easily find undervalued opportunities from distressed sellers. The mountain air is still crisp and the sunshine warm with a very vibrant town.

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