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Aug 22 2017

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Conventional blue-violet lasers dissipate heat from only one side of the laser chip, causing the laser chip temperature to increase and limiting the output to approximately 3 W.

To combat the undesirable effects, without blocking useful blue-violet light, the DuraVision BlueProtect filters blue-violet light at 440nm and below, providing protection from potential phototoxicity, while having minor impact on circadian rhythm, according to the company.

Blue, blue-green, green, blue-violet. and violet are the cool colors.

The fish live up to 1,000 meters deep, where many creatures flash lights in the blue-violet range to attract prey or mates or startle predators.

Previously, the company led the world with the production of 2in GaN substrates for blue-violet lasers, which enabled production of the first Blu-ray DVD players.

Tokyo, July 20, 2010 – (JCN Newswire) – Professor Hiroyuki Yokoyama of the New Industry Creation Hatchery Center (NICHe), Tohoku University, and Advanced Materials Laboratories, Sony Corporation, have succeeded in jointly developing a blue-violet ultrafast pulsed semiconductor laser(2) with dramatically improved peak laser beam output levels that are 100 times that of the world’s current highest levels(1).

The amateur telescope was never designed to be used for wavelengths shorter than blue-violet light, and many designs suffer from image degradation in UV due to correction errors.

Flowers distichously arranged, 2-4 mm pedicellate, opening during the day; sepals narrowly elliptic, acute, free, 17-19 mm long, carinate, nerved, glabrous, pale green; corolla semi-tubular, spreading at the apex, blue-violet to blue, paler proximally; petals ligulate, acute, 38-42 mm long with a pair of basal appendages; stamens style exserted.

A West Coast native, its flower stems reach 3 feet or more, sporting blue-violet blooms.

In addition to the riotous yellow mustard plants that top 6 feet this year, there are verdant fields of blue-violet lupine flower stalks, and hillsides covered in white and lavender wild morning glory flowers.

Big chunks of recycled blue glass (from $30 each) add a glacial touch beside blue-violet pots, each containing plants with silver-blue to bronzy purple foliage (a golden yucca adds a spritz of lime).

said Friday it has developed a blue-violet semiconductor laser with the world’s highest output for Blu-ray disc recorders and plans to commercialize it in two or three years.

Expect a flood of the new discs heading to retailers and movie rental chains and falling prices on Blu-ray players, which use a blue-violet laser that gives the format its name.

Blu-Ray, which uses high-frequency blue-violet laser technology, has the advantage over HD-DVD’s red laser technology, in terms of increased capacity.

Blu-ray is the next-generation format that uses high-frequency blue-violet laser technology.

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