Dec 21 2016

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How to get the best price on a rental car

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My sister s destination wedding is taking place in a few weeks and until last night we still hadn t nailed down which car rental company we were going to use. But at about 10:30 pm last night we pulled the trigger and finalized our rental car plans.

I should also mention that while I know there is a skill to be learned when it comes to getting travel deals, I am not particularly skilled in this area. I generally  know how to find good prices on most things I buy, but renting cars is something I haven t had to do too much of.

What we were looking for in a rental car

So, I started comparing prices just like I normally do and was getting ready to start digging for some coupon codes to see if I could find a little better price and then it happened I found noticed that Hotwire had a Hot Rate deal for the car we were looking for. After seeing the prices of all the other car rental car websites, it just didn t make sense that they were about half the average price of the others.

I called them up to see what the catch was. They explained that the only catch is that I don t know which rental car company we will be with until after we pay. That s it? I verified that I would still be able to pick it up and return it in our airport and that we would have unlimited miles. So, with that price, I decided our bargain hunting was finished and would take it.

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