Aug 19 2017

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Choosing the Best Pet Insurance Company Part 2

In addition to list posted on our previous article. the following key points also need to be considered when you are looking for the Best Pet Insurance Carrier:

Are there any illness or incident caps?

Often even the best pet insurance policies contain a number of limits or caps on the amount to be paid out for a particular claim. For instance, a broken limb may entail a different limit than would an infection or elective treatments. Make sure you find out what the limit is before you sign up!

Does the policy include prescription coverage?

Check whether the cost of prescriptions is covered by the policy as the best pet insurance policies will include this. Many medications for pets can only be obtained via veterinarians and this restricted access plays a part in the generally high price of any pharmaceutical treatments for animals. In addition, ongoing research has resulted in an increase in the variety of prescription treatments available.

Is there any excess payable?

Many pet health insurance policies involve the policyholder paying an upfront sum before any claim can be made for the remainder of the bill. This can result in an inability to make a successful claim in many minor cases, so check any excess provisions carefully!

Choosing the Best Pet Insurance Company Part 1

Insurance is a unique product because it’s something you pay for but hope never to actually use and sourcing the best pet insurance policy will take time. This may be one reason why far too many people still take the risk of not insuring their pets. However, the fact is that pet owners can be hit with very expensive veterinary bills if their beloved dog, horse or parrot falls seriously ill and requires significant intervention such as complex surgery.

Pet health insurance has been around for a long time and is increasing in popularity as more people realize the need to obtain cover for an animal that is an important member of their family. Unlike other areas of insurance such as autos or the home, there is still surprisingly little choice in the pet insurance market. However, a small nucleus of providers have paved the way for subsequent providers, and they all usually offer coverage along the lines of private health insurance for people to include accident costs as well as illness.

As with any product, you do need to check carefully what is actually covered by the policy. The following list outlines some of the main things to check in order to ensure you get hold of the best pet insurance:

• The all-important premium price: is it cheaper to pay monthly or annually?

• Caps on some or all policy benefits

• Coverage of pre-existing conditions

• Any exclusions for particular diseases such as cancer

• Age or size limits of pets

• Discounts for employees of particular firms, multi-pet coverage or non-claims

• Coverage of elective treatments such as sterilization

• Check customer satisfaction rating on the internet

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