Apr 25 2017

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What Makes a Credit Card the best?

What makes a credit card the best? The best credit cards on the market come with plenty of perks that you can’t get with any other product. Those special perks can include things like cash-back rewards, travel insurance, and price protection. Or, they can get you free travel, make your life easier with concierge services and better purchase return policies, or boost you into the lap of luxury with exclusive travel and dining amenities. To qualify, you usually need good to excellent credit. Furthermore, if you want to find the best offer for your unique situation, you should conduct some initial research on the best credit card offers and what they entail.

This guide divides cards into these 4 types below. Click on any one of the links to be taken straight to that section of this guide.

  1. Credit Cards By Best Offers. The best current promotional offers
  2. Credit Cards By Card Type. rewards, cash back, business, student, balance transfer
  3. Credit Cards By Credit Score. from excellent to bad, there are options for everyone
  4. Full Directory Of All Credit Cards. search and filter our directory of over 1,600 cards

Rules for Owning the Best Credit Cards

The best credit cards on the market can become valuable tools is harnessed properly. Likewise, they can cause you a world of trouble if not handled correctly.

The following rules are designed to help you avoid a number of perils while helping you maximize all of the benefits the best credit cards offer:

Rule #1: Treat credit cards like cash

If you don’t have the money to pay for your purchases, it is crucial that you continue saving until you do. If you can’t make your payments in full, you will accrue interest that will cost far more than any rewards you might earn. Only use your credit card if you have the cash in the bank to pay for your purchases.

Rule #2: Auto-pay your bill

One way to make sure your bill is never late is to set up auto-pay on your credit card for a certain day of the month. All of my credit cards are set up for auto-payment. I review my spending every month, but I don’t even have to think about when to pay my bill. It is already taken care of for me.

Rule #3: Interest rates do not matter

Yes, you read that correctly. If you adhere to rules #1 and #2 and pay your balance in full every month and on time, the interest rate your card offers will never matter. The only way interest rates matter is if you don’t pay your bill or if you already have a high balance, in which case I recommend immediately moving to one of the best balance transfer credit cards first.

Rule #4: Annual fees do not matter, up to a point

People constantly ask me how it could ever make sense to use a credit card that charges an annual fee. My reasoning is this – because you can extract a ton of value out of a rewards card, and those rewards are often worth far more than the annual fee. For example, if I spent $50,000 on a card that paid out 2% cash-back in one year, I would earn $1,000 in cash-back rewards. With most rewards card charging an annual fee of around $95, the trade-off is well worth it.

With that being said, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of paying an annual fee. While some cards offer enough value to justify it, others don’t. It’s up to you to do the math and decide.

Here are the Best Current Credit Card Offers

These are the top current offers from popular credit card issuers. The three main credit card offers are 0% APR offers, balance transfer offers, and sign-up bonus offers. We update these credit card offers on a weekly basis to ensure the information is current and that we are showing the best credit card deals.

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