May 30 2017

Best Car Insurance Companies of 2015 – The Simple Dollar #best #used #cars #under #5000

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Best Car Insurance Companies of 2015

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The best auto insurers offer more than just a low price.

The best car insurance companies offer comprehensive coverage, superior customer service, financial strength, and painless shopping experiences to get a leg up on their competition. The barrage of TV ads underscores that there’s no shortage of competition in the industry, either. Whether you’re staring at Progressive’s Flo or Allstate’s Mayhem, it’s hard to escape any commercial break without hearing from an auto insurer.

Fortunately, that’s good news for you. Competition usually translates into lower rates and better perks as companies battle for your business. In fact, my husband and I recently switched insurers and cut our car insurance costs by about 35%, all without reducing our coverage levels. All it took was a little time, and now we have a few hundred dollars back in our pockets each year.

Whether you’re new to car insurance or are simply shopping around for a better deal, here are the best car insurance companies, according to my research:

Read on to discover why these companies stand out from the competition. Further down, I’ll explain how I made my picks and discuss the pros and cons of using insurance agents or skipping them entirely.

Once you’re ready to search for the best auto insurance companies, enter your ZIP code in the quote tool below to find the best deals in your area.

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