Bed bath and beyond coupon

Bed bath and beyond coupon

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Bed, Bath and Beyond

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  • 102.64 Overall Rating
    (out of 200 possible)
  • 74 negative comments (57.36%)
  • 55 positive comments (42.64%)
  • 3 employee comments
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  • 4.7 Issue Resolution
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  • 6.1 Cancellation
  • 6.8 Friendliness
  • 6.5 Product Knowledge

Posted by Anonymous

Well, they haven’t gotten any better! I just finished shopping at the store in Abington, PA and encountered their ridiculous coupon policy. They used to hand them out like candy at a July 4th parade and accept them regardless of expiration date, but getting them now requires a 3 month wait to get them in the mail. If you print them off the internet, they suddenly decide to stick strictly to the expiration date. Today I purchased two things, handed them my internet coupons and was told that they didn’t accept expired internet coupon. Peeved, I told the clerk that she could honor the coupons or hold up the line while I went to my car to look for the mailed coupons. She called the manager who proceeded to give me an argument like she was the police stopping me for speeding. After a rude exchange, she agreed to honor the coupons and told me never to do it again. What I will never do again is shop in this store, which is by the way, filled mostly with drug store items and late night TV shopping junk.

Posted by Anonymous

I love shopping at bed bath and beyond but the store in Warwick RI, is the worst store to shop customer service stinks, they are rude,and they follow me around the store like I am a criminal, and I only experience that behavior at that store.

Posted by old and wise

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer Service is the worst I have ever encountered in my 50 some years of shopping.They should fire the whole staff of gum chewing girls who cany even read from a canned sheet in front of them. Never again

Posted by Volkes

I WILL NEVER SHOP AT ANY OF THEIR STORE AGAIN!! Nor will my family or friends!
I and my family have been dedicated customers of Bed Bath & Beyond for so many years. Our homes are filled with items from their stores, but after their despicable treatment after a family member was injured from one of their defective products, we will NEVER shop there again!
How dare they not stand behind a proven, defective product with hundreds of bad reviews, and inform us they are not responsible. They referred us to the company who made the product (Copco) which had several different company names. Copco, Cupcake Holdings, Wilton Industries, and who knows how many others. RED FLAG. And, no one wants to take responsibility! Will be filing a law suit. They haven’t heard the last of us and they should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!
Also, Copco’s Insurance company (Zurich) sends an Investigator who lies, which caused our claim to be denied and Bed, Bath and Beyond’s Insurance company (Broadspire) was horrendous to deal with.
I was forced to leave one star for a review which shouldn’t be allowed!

Posted by Steve

I placed an order, Then I changed my mind, Then I searched in vain for a way to cancel my order online. Then I waited for more than an hour to tell customer service to cancel the order. This is a ridicules waste of time and only makes customers angry. Why not have a way to cancel the order on the website. I will never order from BBAB again.

Posted by Anonymous

Totally disgusted and disappointed. I received the wrong item and it was picked up by Fedex on April 20.
A replacement was never mailed and it was never credited back. So Bed Bath has been holding my money since the.
I called Customer Service to speak with someone and the young woman said all managers were in meetings and someone would get back to me. That never happened. Daniel Creel sent me an email on April 20th. No resolution
I do not want the replacement any more, how about crediting me back since the end of April.
Melina Gabler

Posted by robin

Been on hold for an hour waiting to cancel an order. Never will do business with them again.

Posted by Anonymous

I just purchased your 20 oz. latte mugs that are porcelain and made in Denmark. I just want to tell you how thrilled I am with them. They are definitely what I was looking for and couldn’t find. Please tell the vendor that he has a good product and I appreciate it. Jane Wilson, Order number

Posted by Ms T

I keep asking for Maison Grove Candles. My replies are ignored. These are great candles and are pricey. Far more worth than the crap Yankee candles. Every once in a while customer service writes me that the buyers do not order any more. Okay, I won’t shop at your store any longer either. Get my Maison Grove Candles, and I will be a happy customer again.

Posted by EEE2015

I got a gift, and needed to return it. I could only get store credit when returning it in store, and I couldn’t return the funds to the card used since I didn’t have the card. I called customer support so I could get a check or charge it back to the card. They said I could get a check. I shipped it back, and got a store gift card in the mail several weeks later. I contacted customer support, and they said cash or check isn’t an option. Currently trying to return the gift card and have the refund go back onto the credit card. Otherwise I will end up selling the gift card at a 15% loss. Not ok. I’d say I won’t shop there anymore, but I never have since they’re absurdly overpriced.

Posted by Ctpro1

WAtch your money!! Placed an order for 60.10 and was charged that amount on my card, OK. Then they charged an additional 47.81 which they stated was the actual charges for what they had shipped. Their claim to fame is that the 60.61 will be returned in 5 or 6 days! That gives BBB 5 or 6 days to play with my money!

Posted by Anonymous

can u tell me where my order is and when i will recive it my order and could u email me your findings thank

Posted by Anonymous

I was in Bed Bath and Beyond Killingly CT. # 1276 today to do some Christmas shopping.
A young lady by the name of Jen Dupre helped me get everything I was looking for. She was absolutely awesome. She was polite and very helpful. I really appreciated her friendly attitude. It is my experience that in the customer service arena, good employees are a rare commodity. I say this as being a past owner of five bagel shops. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give her a 10. Although I rarely fill out surveys, I just had to pass my thought on. I think BBB is fortunate to have such an employee.
Thank you
David Shenker

Posted by Dav >

I wrote an online review about a bad product I received as a gift from BB&B. I did not criticize the company itself- just the manufacturer. Still they offered to send me a $20 gift card. Sounds good, right? Well I sent them my address and it never came.
After a few months I followed up. They claimed they sent it and “it was returned” because I wasn’t there to sign for it. Funny- when this happens there is a slip (or three) tacked up on the door or mailbox . there was none. I confirmed my address and they “re-sent” it. Again, nothing for about a month . I contacted them again. They gave me a new story about my having a “forwarding address” – which I do not (I confirmed with USPS this was not the case).
OK – LITERALLY at least 12 times they have claimed to send me this but have not. Considering that I have not received ONE “missed you” slip from any of the people they supposedly sent this with (USPS, FedEx, etc.) I have come to the conclusion that they never sent it, but continue to claim they will simply to be annoying. Such deliberate abuse is nothing short of harassment in my opinion.

Posted by jem

Never want to shop there store at10950 west charlston blvd suit 170 las Vegas 89135 .employee rude bad attitude. Try not to give you discout when you brought coupon.Every one I talk to don’t like this pridiction this store will go out of business just like some of Annas linen

Posted by Anonymous

My buy buy baby password isn’t working

Posted by TreatedPoorly

The bald, overweight manager at the North Attleboro, MA store is very quick to make accusations when I have never returned at Bed, Bath and Beyond before. He was slow, rude and took his job too seriously. Their website says they will take back merchandise back without the receipt for sale price. You should not be given the fifth degree about it.. two pillowcases and a phone charger! Totalling roughly $60.. sad man. I am calling corporate, he was sexist.

Posted by mdelira

First of all, what a big mistake to leave my 20% off coupon on one in-store item at home. I went in to the store located in Franklin TN on Cool Springs Blvd to purchase a Cuisinart Panini Maker. I tried to use the mobile text offer to get the discount but get this. the coupon doesn’t arrive for 24 hrs! Anyway, they refused to work with me on avoiding the time and expense to return and get the appliance in time for my Mom’s birthday. Seriously?? I asked for the manager and district manager’s names which they obliged. It was a great way of saying “Yes, I deserve the Retailers Moron Award.” Please allow 24 hours for processing. So, we ordered the Panini Maker from Amazon for just a few dollars more than the 20 OFF net price. (Free shipping by the way). A few things that I hope they consider as I’m going to share my story on various websites and their corporate office. My parents own a cabin rental business and maintain the properties with everything that Bed Bath and Behind the Times sells. My parents are just DYING for a reason to see overpriced brick and mortar Neanderthals who play discount games close their doors. Oh well, I hope 30 bucks was worth it!

Posted by Anonymous

I am writing to commend an employee for their great customer service. My name is Anthony Lake Store location: 610 Exterior St, Bronx,NY 10451. On July 17, 2015 at 4:40p I had the pleasure of having employee Mark assist me in my shopping needs I have been a long time shopper of your store but this particular day I had an exceptionally pleasant shopping experience with the help of Mark. I wanted to tell the Manager on site but she seemed quite busy so I decided to write in to tell the store know what a wonderful experience I had shopping on the date mentioned above. I believe Mark should be commended for the excellent work he did to make my shopping experience a pleasurable one.

Posted by Poor Inventory Management.

Poor inventory management. The web site showed that the Dyson V6 handheld vacuum was in stock at the Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles store. I went to the store to purchase one and couldn’t find any on the shelf. Spent about 10 mins looking for someone to help. I was finally told that the item was in the back of a truck and could not be retrieved in a timely manner. I was told to come back the next day and they MIGHT be available. What a waste of my time. Don’t trust what you see on their web site.

Posted by neveragain

If you enjoy scraping a cheese grater over your eyes twice a day, order from Bed Bath and Beyond. If you want to walk in oncoming traffic just to be ran over time and time again, order from Bed Bath and Beyond. If you want to feel like you’re being strung along in a bad relationship AND you’re the one paying all the costs, then, by all means, order something from Bed Bath and Beyond. I ordered a rocking chair MORE THAN A MONTH AGO for my sister and her husband. They were expecting their first child. The chair came with 2 LEFT LEGS. My brother in law sent an email to a very incompetent employee, Maria Villanue. He spoke with her on the phone, sent her email recapping the conversation, included in his email was a picture and all other information she stated she needed. THEN Maria and some of her counterparts would randomly reach out to us needing the SAME INFORMATION that was in the email. I have emailed Maria twice and, guess what, NO RESPONSE. Here we are more than a month later and we have a THIRD left leg. BUT NO RIGHT LEG. Every time I call in I get told “one will be overnighted to you”. I’m still waiting. Save yourself some heartache. DON’T ORDER FROM BED BATH AND BEYOND. They don’t care about their customers. In fact, I’ve been told they send a gift card when you feel out a survey that is negative. DON’T BOTHER. I wouldn’t give your card as a present and I won’t spend it. Save it for someone that has plenty of time to deal with this nonsense. Your company should be embarrassed by the lack of effort you put into your customer experience. You see, it’s a simple transaction, I give you money for a product, you give me the product. All of it. Quickly. That’s how the business world works. Bed Bath and Beyond seems to lack business knowledge and this lack of knowledge, in my experience, comes from leadership. Take my gift card and everyone else that you try to “buy off” and get yourself some leadership classes. Looking on Glassdoor and other avenues, it would seem that people are only half satisfied working for you. Executives come into the stores and don’t make eye contact with the associates. In store management treats the employees like children, no room for growth, promotions come from outside the company. It would seem that Bed Bath and Beyond not only has no clue how to treat their customers, but also their employees. Unhappy employees create unhappy customers. I will never have anything to do with this company once I get you guys to pick this chair up. Maybe you can create a better working environment so your customers can enjoy their shopping experience. Start from within. The only person I’m interested in speaking to at this point is a supervisor, Maria’s if that’s possible. Any other, don’t worry with reaching out. ”

Posted by Jim

BBB has adopted a herding corral type of check out, but the corral is 50 feet long! The line is slow as molasses, and available clerks just stand there looking blindly into space. And if you just walk up to a cashier who is just standing there idle, there are three BBB employees to call you out. So plenty of staff to call you out, but no staff to take your money. A joke. They have crammed so much stuff into aisles, that only one person or cart can fit at a time. Surely this is a fire hazard. Won’t ever be back to this store after two bad experiences with above in the past six months. Dear BBB – don’t bother responding. Any store that has it this bad, just will not get my patronage.

Posted by Anonymous

I’ve been a good customer for years. I’m a boomer. I’m tried of the ways stores treat me today. I find it terrible to return an item even with the store name all over the package, & it’s open stock! and one doesn’t have a receipt, & one can’t get their money back. What. I rarely return anything. Twice since you opened. Stores today think they need to change their customer service to NO costumer service. I’ve been shopping for 50 years. I WOULDN’T SHOP AT A STORE WITH “NO” COSTUMER SERVICE. People my age miss Dayton’s. Target has No customer service. I haven’t shop there for years. I was Target’s first graphic artist while I worked at Dayton’s. Why do Corporations don’t know any more about REAL costumer service? My suggestion to you, is hold off until ALL the Boomers are dead & than get rid off any costumer service you have left. The younger geration doesn’t know any better and they are use to cheap expensive junk. We do have money, but no one markets to us. No Costumer Service. No Costumer.

Posted by Lisa H

Well over 20 days after a cancelled order and I still do not have a refund. They say their policy is 7-10 days for a refund after and item has been returned. I never received the item and have not received my refund. I have sent numerous emails have and have been told several times they will get back with me. They never respond and seem to have no urgency to resolve this inexcusable matter.

Posted by Steve

Yesterday was my first visit to your store. I had searched online for a Resin topped folding table. You had stated online, that you had one. I went in to your store, and found a table packaged as a Resin Folding table. When I got home, it was a Vinyl topped table. I found a similar table at lowe’s for $29.99. Vinyl topped. It would take 2 hours + of my time to return the table. I can’t recommend your org. Had the box NOT BEEN IDENTIFIED AS A RESIN TOPPED TABLE, I would not have bought it. I am very un happy!

Posted by Anonymous

I was at home and had found some pillows online that I wanted to buy and the #103 store in Alpharetta, GA showed having 10 of them in stock so, I went to the store and the ones I wanted wasn’t displayed. I asked for assistance and interest in assisting me and even went to the back to check and wasn’t able to find the exact pillows even though Ms. Martha G found them on the computer. Ms. Martha G even went to the back to check along with Ms. Isabel and the gentleman working back there and still came up empty handed. Ms. Martha G ordered and had them shipped to my home address. I’m appreciative of Ms. Martha G taking time to provide customer service and to show an interest in helping. It is hard to find people wanting to help but they do want their pay even though they don’t work for it.


Bed bath and beyond coupon


Bed bath and beyond coupon

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