Big Brother spoilers reveal a huge live eviction night twist. Because of recent backlash, there may be a complete reboot and nobody goes home

‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Live Eviction Twist – Maybe Nobody Goes Home Because of Backlash?

Big Brother spoilers reveal a huge live eviction night twist that could switch up the game big-time. Julie Chen teases a never before seen twist that will have fans sitting on the edge of their seats. There is chatter online that Big Brother may do a complete reboot and start the game from scratch and no one goes home this week. Other fans think it’s going to be a reshuffle of the game to save some players that are having a shaky start on BB season 21.

But sources told Soap Dirt that it will be a scenario similar to Survivor: Edge of Extinction twist. Big Brother houseguests will get to stay in the BB house for a few more weeks, but won’t be active players. Soap Dirt was first to report this twist last week.

David Alexander who was evicted night one will be returning as soon after tonight’s eviction vote.

Big Brother Spoilers: David Alexander Evicted Too Soon?

It seemed almost cruel that David Alexander would only spend one night in the Big Brother house. After Jackson Michie was elected Camp Director, he was forced to pick four houseguests to participate in an elimination comp. David Alexander was one of them and whoever came in last would be banished from the game.

Unfortunately, David ended up being the only one who didn’t find their way back to Camp BB. Which meant that he would be banished from the Big Brother house. Yet, Julie Chen told him his game wasn’t over. There would be a chance for him to get back in the game the next week which is tonight.

David Alexander Battles Back

David Alexander will have another shot at winning $500,000 this summer along with three other houseguests in some type of Big Brother battle back competition. Only one evicted houseguest will return.

Big Twist Comes After Racism Accusations

News of this huge “never before seen” Big Brother twist really spread after the show was accused of being racist. Fans were angry that Jackson Michie picked two African Americans, the plus size model, and the older guy for the banishment competition. They called him racist and it only continued for both him and Jackson Matthews after they went after Kemi Faknule.

Ovi Kabir’s nomination also sparked some backlash and had fans talking on social media. The Gr8ful Eight alliance is taking the brunt of the hate. So, many fans think Big Brother is scrambling to cover, but this plan has been in place for sometime.

Big Brother Spoilers: Fans Hope For Reset Week

Many fans are hoping that Julie Chen announces that the twist is going to be a reset week. Something that sets everything back to square one. CBS and Big Brother producers have been accused of manipulating the game before to get a desired outcome. BB fans are thinking this might be one of those times and that no one will go home. But sources say that’s not the case.

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