Mar 14 2017

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Bath Student Travel

A tour of Bath makes a great day trip for Europe student travel tours . The city is a World Heritage site. In it you can experience the natural hot springs just as the Romans did or in the thoroughly modern style of the twenty-first century.

The glory of Bath during the Roman reign is still evident as you tour the pools, hallways, and museums. Walking the classic colonnades is like stepping back in time, strolling by the pools on the same walkways the Romans used. Back then the Roman baths were the most luxurious clubs in the Roman Empire, with their vaulted ceilings, marble panels, mosaics and expensive furnishings throughout. Today the appearance is more ancient treasure than modern luxury, but you ll certainly be able to imagine how it must have seemed to Romans in the glory days.

Besides the pools, you ll find a gift shop and relics and treasures in the museum and exhibits. The Pump Room is a bar and table-seating area where you can actually sample the warm spring water with breakfast, lunch, or afternoon tea.

The Thermae Bath Spa is a modern version of the luxurious baths. Anyone can tour the Visitor s Center there for free. Or you can pay for real spa treatment with a dip in one of the hot-water pools, including an open-air version on the rooftop. The Spa also offers waterfall showers, and aroma steam rooms.

Whether for relaxation or a glimpse into history, Bath makes a great addition to Europe student travel.

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