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Bartending School in Orlando, Florida

When you enroll in an ABC Bartending School, you’re not just a number. Once you graduate you become part of a tradition in Orlando and you become a member of the ABC family of schools nationwide.

Bartending jobs

Being the top school in Orlando, we will match all local competitor prices and gimmicks.

Bartending jobs

Bartending jobs

ABC Bartending School in Orlando

Orlando, Florida

653 North Mills Avenue

8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Bartending jobs

Bartending jobs

Bartending jobs

Bartending jobs

The ABC Bartending School in Orlando, Florida is located 1 mile East ofВ I-4 on the corner of 17-92 (Mills Avenue) and 50 (Colonial) at 653 North Mills Avenue. Tony Sylvester has owned bartending schools and has been placing bartenders nationwide since 1977. Also, our school is not far from Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Bartenders are known for their ability to make a good living, have fun, and meet people. Continue down this page for a look at our Placement List for Orlando. Then click on the sidebar for a look at our Placement Lists for other parts of the country as well as Letters of Recommendations and Newspaper Articles. Now you can see why Tony Sylvester is one of the leaders in this field.

The Sylvester family has been in the Hospitality industry for three generations.В Tony brings you all that experience in his school’s curriculum and manual.

Look at the great cities listed at the bottom of the page where Tony has opened schools. As you can see, all these cities are hospitality oriented, which means lots of restaurants, hotels, country clubs, night clubs and bars. Now what does that mean for ABC graduates? Opportunity!

Look around at the number of liquor serving establishments in your city and the number of Bartenders, both full time and part time, that it takes to staff these operations. Get the picture?

Thousands of students are trained and placed every year nationwide by ABC in our professional one week, two week, and three week programs that cover all of the techniques used to become a professional bartender.

Remember, to get started just call us at (407) 894-6719.

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If you are 18 years of age or older, you could be in the pictures below, training in just a 1 week, 2 week or 5 week program to become a professional bartender.

Bartending jobs

Bartending jobs

Bartending jobs

Bartending jobs

Bartending jobs

Bartending jobs

Bartending jobs

Bartending jobs

Our school office walls are lined with newspaper articles and letters of recommendation written about the owner and his schools in Florida and Nationwide. No other school in Orlando or Florida can document this type of recognition and reputation.

Bartending jobs

Bartending jobs

Bartending jobs

Work in a real wet bar set up to learn bartending the correct way. Compare our school classroom and be amazed!

Recent Graduate Testimonials

School was great, the only thing I knew before this school was popping the top of a beer bottle. But Chris and the school has given me immense knowledge in this field.

After working as a barback observing bartenders and comparing the techniques I’ve been taught by Chris. I feel I’ll be a better bartender than the bartenders I currently work with. The atmosphere at ABC is not stressful and easy to learn in.

Orlando Brown Jr.

The class was incredibly informative, and Chris made sure to take time out for each student to maximize their full potential. As an instructor, with his student, not at them. Which can make all the difference.

I enjoyed my time here at ABC Bartending School. Chris has a very effective way of teaching the drink ingredients. With lots of word association that really helps in remembering the many different drinks. The atmosphere in the class is very laid back and the energy is positive.

I had a lot of fun taking this class, Chris had a great sense of humor and kept things interesting. He taught in a way I could easily understand, I would definitely refer and encourage friends and other people to take this class.

I had a lot of fun in this class. I learned so much. The teacher was very laid back and informative! I love that the class was about 90% hands on . That’s how I learn the best! I would recommend this school in a heartbeat!

Great class. Compared to the other bartending class I took. I feel this was easier to learn and helped it stay with me.

Very informative and hands on approach to bartending/mixology! Chris was very “down to earth” and energetic at the same time very knowledgeable of what this industry consists of. This experience was a great opportunity to develop my skills in the hospitality industry.

Very clear, thorough, and fun interactive class. Enjoyed it from beginning to end. The atmosphere was easy going and comfortable. I learned many drinks and bartending basics that are sure to help me on my new career choice. The small amount time Chris had to teach the class in was impressive, he did an amazing job covering all the bases. Would recommend ABC or Chris to anyone! Money well spent!

The class is at a great pace, very informative and effective learning techniques. Chris is a great teacher , he’s made it fun and I’m excited to get out there and show off this new skill set.

The class was very informative and organized. There were copious opportunities to practice mixing/making drinks in many different ways. (Tickets, call outs, tests, etc.) Chris is a excellent instructor. He makes you feel comfortable as a student, whether you’ve worked at a bar before, or you are coming in with no previous experience.

Chris is an amazing instructor. I came here knowing next to nothing about alcohol. I am leaving with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of bartending, alcohol and bar etiquette. Awesome experience. thx Chris!

Bartending class was great experience. Very hands on and a lot of fun. I would highly recommend ABC if interested in this career. Chris was an awesome teacher who made the process of learning easier and much more worth the time. His knowledge of making drinks is incredible.

Class was great, teacher was very understanding, reasonable and helpful. Teacher managed to teach over 100 drink recipes in a 5 day period. And made it very easy to remember all within the same period. Fun class, great hands on, excellent patients and strategy.

Extremely informative. The hands on experience was paramount in my developement as a bartender. Great balance!

I have greatly enjoyed the class. Chris has been an awesome instructor. Very laid back environment. I’m looking forward to my new career. Thank you for cramming all of this knowledge into my brain.

ABC Bartending School is one of the best experiences I’ve had. The instructor Chris, very friendly and a great teacher. He made me feel comfortable about what I am doing. I give 5 out of 5. Will be recommending this school to anyone looking to become a bartender.

ABC is one of the most trusted names in Job Placement and Training for Bartenders in Florida and the Nation.

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