Apr 15 2017

Barrington real estate agent target of stalker #how #to #get #real #estate #license

#real estate stalker

Barrington real estate agent target of stalker

A real estate agent who was showing a home on Heritage Road in Barrington on Tuesday, Sept. 30, called police after the prospective buyer started acting strangely.

The real estate agent told officers she met the man at the home at about 12:30 p.m. but quickly realized something wasn’t right. She said the man — he was described as being 5-foot-3, having a slim build, bad teeth and a noticeable stutter — started acting very suspiciously, so she dialed up a friend who lived nearby. The real estate agent’s friend showed up at the home and the suspect reportedly left the house and sped away from the scene in his car.

Later that day the woman was at home in East Providence when the alleged stalker showed up in front of the house; she told police she recognized him because of his car. She said she phoned the suspect while he was parked in front of her home and told him that her brother was a state police officer.

After the woman called Barrington police. officers used the suspect’s cell phone number to track down his identity, but later discovered the information used to acquire the phone was bogus — the photo ID did not match the suspect’s appearance.

Police have shared information from this case with the East Providence police in an effort to track down the alleged stalker.

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