Sep 22 2017

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Personal loans for people with poor credit

What is a loan for people with poor credit? Is it different than a payday loan or short-term cash advance?

To meet demand, the credit industry created more flexible and relaxed borrowing guidelines for people with no, limited, fair, poor and bad credit. The resulting loan, also called a payday loan or “cash advance”, is typically a short term unsecured personal loan with higher interest rates and fees. Advocates support these loans citing they are fast and relatively easy to obtain and can help people deal with life’s unexpected financial emergencies. Critics claim that people pay too much in fees and interest and risk spiraling further into debt if they can’t repay the loan on time and in full and/or borrow repeatedly (read about the “Hamster Wheel effect”).

How Do Payday Loans Work?

These unsecured loans work when a consumer (with less than “good” credit) agrees in a contract that they will repay the principal loan amount, plus and interest and fees, in short order – typically on or by their next payday. In most cases, a borrower needs to be employed with payroll records and have a checking account at a US bank. They pre-date a check when applying online and funds are then automatically withdrawn from their checking or savings account on the pay date.

Credit Cards for people with bad credit

Credit card companies also design credit cards for people with bad credit and no, or limited, credit history. Cards can be “secured cards”, “unsecured cards” and even “prepaid debit cards”. Most people think they simply can’t get a credit card with anything less than stellar or good credit – but they can. Some of the most well known credit card companies will guarantee approval and not require a credit check or employment. Of course, bad credit credit cards may carry higher interest rates, lower maximum credit limits, and require advance payments but that is the trade off a consumer accepts until they can better their credit score.

Many people use this type of credit card to rebuild credit – but an important life rule to remember is to never charge more than can be paid back by the due date. People should work to rebuild credit, increase their credit score, reduce debt and ultimately get a credit card with more attractive terms.

Improve and Build Your Credit Score

There are three main credit reporting agencies in the US. These three agencies compile data from vendors and credit providers and issue a credit score for individuals. People that pay their bills on time and have clean borrowing and payment records generally get a higher score and people that are not so diligent generally get a lower score. The three main credit reporting agencies are:

  • Experian
  • Equifax
  • Trans Union

Click here for more information on fixing your credit score sooner than later and details on how to get your free credit report.

How to Get Your Free Credit Report

By law, consumers are entitled to one free credit report from each of the three main credit reporting agencies. Consumers can also obtain a report from other online companies that can help monitor and repair credit and help with identity theft. Click here for more information on how to get your free credit report .

The Top 5 Pros and Cons to Borrowing Money with Bad, Poor or No Credit

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