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Aug 27 2019

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Welcome to the Knowledge Sharing Toolkit

Join the CGIAR, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the KM4Dev Community , the United Nations Children’s Fund and the United Nations Development Programmein creating and growing this resource of knowledge sharing tools and methods. While these are applicable in a wide range of contexts, we hope that together we can help frame them in the context of international development with a focus on agriculture, fisheries, food and nutrition, forestry and sustainable development.

Introduction to the Toolkit
Click here to learn more about this toolkit. This is a good page for first time visitors. Otherwise, just jump in! Please note that you must register for Wikispaces account to edit a page – we had to do this because of spammers.
→ Read an article about the toolkit: Download it here (120 kb) BROKEN LINK

What is Your Context? How do you pick a knowledge sharing tool or method|
With the wealth of available tools and methods, it can be overwhelming to think about which to pick. To help you, we have set up some example contexts, tasks you might need to achieve in those contexts, then suggested some tools and methods. We do this by tagging the tools/methods with key words related to the tasks.


Master list of toolsLooking for a tool?
By tools, we mean web based software and offline physical tools that can be used with a variety of methods. Some examples: Blogs, Wikis, Instant Messengers , Tagging, and Podcasting. For a full list, click on the link above.

Master list of methodsLooking for a method?
By methods, we mean group processes that people can use to interact with each other, online or offline. Some examples: Appreciative Inquiry, Storytelling, Knowledge Fairs, Open Space. Click the link above for a full list.

Don’t know what a word means?

Check our page linking to other excellent Glossaries.

Feedback: What do you think?

Please hit the “discussion” tab at the top of this page and give us your feedback. NEED TO REDIRECT LINK

This toolkit would not be possible without the ICT-KM Program , a former program of the CGIAR, FAO and KM4Dev. We also deeply appreciate the contributions of the participants in the CGIAR and FAO Knowledge Sharing Workshops who have added and improved many pages of the Wiki as part of the workshops. The collaboration and earlier work of our colleagues at CARE, ODI, KM4Dev, FAO and many of the wonderful KM practitioners around the world has been crucial in the development of the toolkit. Please see the Toolkit Journal for more information about our process of building the toolkit.


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