Mar 31 2017

Auto Insurance America Online Quotes Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico #insuranc

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Manage My Policy

1. Insure your car with us and have your odometer mileage recorded by one of our agents

2. Keep your policy in force for at least 60 days with no lapse in coverage

3. Get another odometer reading when you come in to pay your renewal bill

How it works.

If you don’t already have insurance with Auto Insurance America buy a policy today!  You can purchase it online, over the phone or by stopping by one of our convenient locations.

Drive your low mileage car to one of our locations to activate your Drive Less Pay Less option.  In less than five minutes, your agent will record your odometer reading and vehicle ID number (VIN).

Keep your insurance in force and paid up (no lapses) for two months after your first odometer reading.

When you get your next insurance bill, bring in your payment and get another odometer reading taken by your agent.

That’s IT!  If the miles you’ve driven between odometer readings average less than 500 miles per month, you’re eligible for an instant discount off your current renewal bill.

Thereafter, you can get your odometer checked every time you come in to make a payment.  There’s no downside.  If you’ve averaged more than 500 miles per month, you just pay the amount you were billed that month.  If you’ve averaged less, you get another Drive Less Pay Less discount applied to your current renewal bill.

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