Jul 27 2017

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Multi-sourced and Recent Validation

Ownership records are only added to the file after being validated by at least two sources, ensuring acute accuracy across the entire database. All records contain a last verification date as well as change of ownership information.

Infutor s automotive database consistently out-performs other auto data files in the industry in accuracy, counts, and response rate.

The file is updated and validated monthly from millions of proprietary sourced vehicle transactions, including more records within the past 7 years than any other file in the market.

In addition, our automotive database is not derived from any state motor vehicle records and can be used for marketing purposes.

Access our Automotive Database

Infutor s Auto Data is accessible through:

  • QueryFlex. providing instant counts, breakdowns, and orders
  • PowerFlex. powerful batch processing for data and telephone appending
  • Real-Time Services. utilize our FlashBatch and FlashFind Real-Time technology for instant data validation and auto data lookup
  • Licensed Database Installation is also available

More Information on Infutor s Auto Data

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