Jun 11 2017

Auto and Home Group Insurance from MetLife #auto #mechanics

#home and auto insurance

Auto and Home

Auto and Home

MetLife Auto & Home ® offers unmatched value for employers who want to easily expand their benefit offerings without additional benefit cost. And adding new and unique benefits like auto and home coverage to your benefits program can drive employee attraction, satisfaction, and retention. In fact, 70% of eligible employees would consider purchasing auto and/or home insurance at the workplace. 1

Now there are more reasons than ever to add auto and home insurance to your voluntary benefits offering.

New! MetLife Auto & Home Xcelerate SM. A unique online shopping experience, Xcelerate gives employees an accurate, bindable auto insurance price in as little as 2 minutes. It’s easy to install and administer, and premiums can be payroll deducted with other employee benefits. 2

Potential for savings. Others have saved an average of $500 on auto insurance. 3 These savings could be channeled into other valuable benefits.

Broad suite of home insurance solutions. There’s no place like home, so it makes sense to protect it. Whether your employees live in houses, condos, mobile homes, or rental apartments, MetLife Auto & Home offers property and liability protection that’s right for them.

Ask your benefits advisor about coverage from MetLife Auto & Home today.

1. MetLife Auto Home Group Awareness Survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 2013.

2. Not available in all states.

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