Mar 22 2018

Australian Patents

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If you have managed to invent something unique then it is only natural that you should desire to benefit from this. You don’t want somebody also just stealing your idea and reaping the rewards of your hard work. The Australian government, as well as other governments around the world, realise the importance of encouraging innovation and this is why they grant patents to their citizens. The purpose of these patents is to grant the holder a few years to profit from their invention by making it illegal for others to steal their ideas. A patent is only ever given for a certain amount of time; the longest patent you can obtain in Australia is for twenty years.

So what is an innovation? In order to be granted a patent it is not necessary for you to have completely created a whole new product. If you invent something that could be considered an ‘innovative step’ then this too can be eligible for patent protection. Similarly a new method or process can also be eligible for such protection. In fact if you discover anything that isn’t already obvious to people working in an industry then this can be viewed as an innovation.

Each country around the world has their own process for obtaining patents. In this country the responsibility for granting patents has been given to IP Australia. There are currently two types of patent available; the innovation patent and the standard patent. These come with different terms and conditions and it is a good idea to seek expert advice from IP in Australia when deciding on the pros and cons of each option. The basic difference is that the innovation patent is easier to obtain, but the downside is that it does not last as long as a standard patent and you will need to request for it to be certified for full protection.

Once you have a patent it may be necessary to enforce it. Patent litigation will involve getting legal representation to seek recompense from those who have infringed on your patent. In these technologically advanced times the cases of patent infringement are on the increase so it makes complete economical sense that you do all you can to protect your rights in this matter. Just having a patent can often be enough to dissuade people from stealing your ideas; the thought of a legal battle and a heavy penalty is just not an attractive proposition for most people.

Innovation protection is important within any society where there is a desire for development and economic growth. Failure to protect those who create and develop new ideas will lead to less willingness to innovate; why should anyone bother if there is not going to be any reward at the end of it? If you have managed create something new then you should do all you can to protect it so that you can benefit from your discovery. A no obligation consultation with IP in Australia is a good way to establish your options in this matter.

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