Aug 29 2017

Atlanta Used Cars Marietta – 29 Photos – Car Dealers – Marietta, GA – Reviews #pre #owned #cars

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Recommended Reviews for Atlanta Used Cars Marietta

2 words. shade tree. Don t be fooled by the luxury inventory. I know a good deal about cars and jumped on what I should ve known was too good to be true. The car had extensive wheel damage, the front end was clearly damaged and tires where bursting at the seams. no wonder the price was under market. yea. b/c the car had been wrecked. Do yourself a favor and go to a certified luxury dealer. I witnessed their world class service of giving customers cars on EMPTY, losing keys to purchased vehicles, and don t believe the magic 3 day repair story. clearly that s just to get your dollar. #Pass

I called John Moore to confirm availability, and sent the mechanic to them. However, after the mechanic went there, he told me the car was SOLD. Wasted my time and $180 on inspection. They really suck.

I bought an 08 sienna about a month and a half ago I traded in a pathfinder I have comes to find out of these douche bags have not pay my trade-in.

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