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Atlanta, GA

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Human Resources

Commissioner of Human Resources | Marian Y. Woods

The City of Atlanta Department of Human Resources (DHR) is a human resource management organization whose purpose is to provide service, manage and direct the full human resources life cycle of City employees. As a result, DHR is responsible for attracting, retaining and developing an inclusive world-class workforce that will enable City agencies to meet business needs in a timely and efficient manner; while providing excellent customer service to our constituents.

The Department of Human Resources Office of the Commissioner directs the development and execution of short and long-term strategies to support the business needs of operating departments, manage HR budget and related priority initiatives, and the application of measurement systems to assess progress. It fosters the delivery of best-practice human resource management services while providing leadership and guidance to City agencies and employees. Additionally, DHR functions as consultant and strategic business partner to leadership, both City Council and Cabinet members, via the interpretation and implementation of HR policies to bring resolution to employee related matters.

Employee & Retiree Benefits

Contact Information

City of Atlanta
Department of Human Resources
68 Mitchell Street, S.W.
Suite 2150
City Hall Towers
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Tel: 404.330.6360
Fax: 404.331.8920

Marian Y. Woods

Angela Addison
Deputy Commissioner
Tel: 404.330.6853

Information Systems & Data Analysis
Business Support

Elaine Gooden
HRIS & Records Director
Tel: 404.330.6362

Labor Relations
James I. Merriweather
Tel: 404.330.6360

Organizational Development
Darrilynn Poindexter
Tel. 404.330.6374

Wendy Brown
Pension Manager
Tel. 404.865.8940

Psychological Services / Employee Assistance Program
72 Marietta Street
Atlanta, GA 30303

Urgent Matters (EAP)
Tel: 404.614.6525

What we do

Policy & Planning

Policy and Planning coordinates the research, design and development of all HR-related initiatives that enable other departments to effectively manage their human capital. Through standardized policies and procedures, this office promotes consistency across a variety of employment issues, which contributes to quality customer relations and employee satisfaction. Policy and Planning leads the department’s efforts in the analysis and review of policy issues. It also serves as a catalyst for the development of innovative ideas to enhance existing HR policies and keep pace with organizational changes by developing new policies and procedures.

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) & Records Management

The Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and Records Management division is primarily responsible for the management and maintenance of all City of Atlanta employee Human Resources data. HRIS responsibilities include managing any and all personnel changes within the Oracle system, the production of reports that analyze employee personnel data, and processing all turn around documents (TADs), new position creations and position updates. This DHR division is also responsible for maintaining an accurate account of the authorized workforce level. Through detailed data and systems maintenance, the HRIS’s services are critical elements in providing accurate information to both internal and external customers.

Labor Relations

Labor Relations works to elevate employee consciousness and appreciation for the differences and similarities that employees bring to the work environment. As an equal opportunity employer committed to providing a work environment free of discrimination, City policy prohibits any form of discrimination based on race, color, religion, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, national origin or veteran status. The goal is to ensure that the City’s equal opportunity policy is applied in all areas of human resource management. This office promotes a productive work environment by addressing real and perceived employee issues. It also annually conducts training sessions on sexual harassment, progressive discipline and the Fair Labor Standards Act for new employees and City departments. Such efforts facilitate federal non-discrimination compliance and help to attract non-traditional work.

Talent Acquisition is responsible for recruiting, identifying, and attracting highly skilled individuals into the City of Atlanta, in order to efficiently and effectively meet the City’s growing and dynamic business needs. By partnering with Client Groups, the Talent team assists in building and sustaining a high‐quality workforce for the City of Atlanta by way of developing blended Talent Acquisition strategies to attract and hire top candidates, build comprehensive talent recruitment plans that unify business goals and lower new‐hire failure rates.

Employee & Retiree Benefits

This division’s primary goal is to provide and maintain efficient and courteous customer relations in the administration, management and maintenance of the City’s insurance benefit programs. It is responsible for serving as the primary resource for health, dental, vision, life and supplemental insurance benefits offered to both active and retired employees. Charged with the overall management of the City’s Health and Wellness Initiatives, the division operates an Employee Wellness Center, which includes a state-of-the-art fitness facility and an Employee Health Center. The Health and Wellness Initiatives provide services to retirees as well as active employees and their families. The division also sponsors health fairs, vision screenings, blood drives and monthly lunch and learn series that feature speakers who address a wide variety of health topics and complimentary nutritional lunches.

Pension Services

Organizational Development

Psychological Services

The primary focus of Psychological Services is to assist employees and their families in solving a variety of personal and workplace issues such as domestic conflict, substance abuse, stress and traumas. Any employee or supervisor requesting assistance will receive prompt, confidential counseling from licensed mental health professionals. The services of the office are multi-faceted. It provides a unique service to the City by partnering with public safety in addressing critical incidents, including hostage calls, major traumas and deaths. Clinicians are also responsible for coordinating the fitness for duty examination process, assessing violence in the workplace referrals, conducting public safety training and facilitating random drug/alcohol testing for employees with commercial driver’s licenses.

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