Nov 11 2016

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They create or modify furniture to meet the needs of people, always based specifically on individual needs. They use computer enhancements, like larger screens or programs to help people who do not see or who do not see well. They help people use all kinds of alternative input devices for computer work. They customize software, assistive devices and equipment to help people continue working or return to work.

Some people, especially younger individuals, have never worked and do not know what kind of work they might want to do. Our experts help all these people find out what kind of work they can do and want to do.

They also make modifications to homes designed to help the person achieve greater independence by making the home more accessible. They’ve built home elevators, wheelchair lifts, bathroom modifications, automatic door openers, expanded doorways, adapted furniture, adapted doorknobs, alternative doorbells, lowered counters, specially designed bath areas, etc.

Our staff serves lawyers, college students, government employees, independent entrepreneurs, factory workers, and others.

This department designed and/or altered workspace equipment providing 195 services to 71 different individuals in 2014, removing what some consider physical barriers in the workplace.

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