Aug 1 2017

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ARN SERVER is a telecommunication service providing DedicatedVoIP Server Company with great potentiality having all modern technologies operating beyond the border. It has been providing telecommunication services specially long distance low cost quality calling services over the web technical supports to the people and businesses all over the world. It has a very large scale of satisfied and valuable customer base throughout the world.

We provide USA UK Co-location Server as a Reseller rate. Our Dedicated Server has no downtime you can do business as well as better also resell. Server Rent (VOS3000 setup all version +VPS+MVTS3.14+Unblock PC Dialer) +Core4voip setup+ UAE Dialer+A2Z Route Customized CDR+ Web Design Mobile Dialer Rent Sell All VoIP Apps.

Our Dedicated Server Web Hosting Solutions are based on the idea of multiplexing a single UNIX or NT server into multiple virtual servers, each with its own IP address and domain name. This Virtual Solution also offers tremendous Internet connectivity via multiple high speed connections linked directly to the Sprint, Verio, MCI, and UUNET fiber backbones.

By sharing the UNIX or NT server and the high speed bandwidth, you save thousands of dollars on the hardware, personnel, and time required to install, maintain, and service a dedicated connection (which for a typical business is no faster than a T1). Our Dedicated Linux Server Dedicated Windows Server and also Web Hosting Solutions are far easier to manage because most of the work is done for you.

Send your own dedicated servers in as meager as 20-30 minutes with Soft Layer Hourly Servers. Beginning at $0.368/hr, pick between seven well known arrangements perfect for testing a domain, regular scaling, item dispatches, or amusement blasting. With Soft Layer Monthly Servers, manufacture your dedicated VoIP server to spec and be online in 2-4 hours. Charged month to month beginning at $158/mo, these can serve our entrance level Web facilitating clients or run virtualization and private mists no sweat.

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