Arizona state tax department \ Video

Arizona state tax department \ Video

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Arizona state tax department

Arizona Unemployment Tax and Wage System

Tax and Wage System Overview

Use the Internet Unemployment Tax and Wage System (TWS) to:

File a Quarterly Wage Report.
Make a payment.
View and print a copy of documents previously filed via the Internet.

You can use TWS to file reports listing wages for 1 to 999 employees, or file zero-wage reports indicating your business had no employees and paid no wages.

To access TWS, you need:

Your complete 8-digit Arizona Unemployment Account Number, and
Your assigned 6-character password.

Both are preprinted in the upper right corner of the Unemployment Tax and Wage Report (form UC-018) the Department mails to you each quarter (contact the UI Tax Accounting Unit if you are not receiving these forms). Your password is located in the box directly above the words “TYPE OR USE BLACK INK ONLY”. However, do not submit a paper report form if you file your report online.

For security purposes, your password is changed each quarter. Your new password is activated as soon as the quarter ends, at midnight (Mountain Standard Time). The newest quarter will not become available for filing until then. You may file delinquent reports or make payments using your password from the previous quarter until your new password is activated. Effective at 12 a.m. (Arizona Time) of December 31/January 1; March 31/April 1; June 30/July 1; and September 30/October 1, use your new password for all transactions.

Business Tax and Wage Requirements

In order to use Arizona’s Internet Unemployment Tax and Wage System, your business must be registered with the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES); be determined by DES to be liable for Unemployment Insurance (UI) coverage; and have an active UI account as a rated or reimbursable employer.

Registered: the employer has filed an Arizona Joint Tax Application (form JT-1/UC-001) with the Arizona Department of Revenue or with DES (by registering with either agency you have effectively registered with both). If you have not registered, you may do so online at or learn more about registration.

Liable: after registering, the employer has received a written “Determination of Unemployment Insurance Liability” (form UC-016 or UC-015A) and a UI employer account number from DES. If you have met any UI liability criteria but have not received a liability determination from DES, contact the Employer Registration Unit.

Active: the current status of the employer’s UI account is “active,” i.e., not temporarily suspended or permanently closed. If you have a UI account that is not in “active” status, contact the Employer Registration Unit.

Rated: the employer has been determined by DES to be liable to pay for UI coverage by means of quarterly UI taxes and, therefore, has been assigned a tax rate for the calendar year.

Reimbursable: the employer has been determined by DES to be liable for UI coverage and to be eligible to pay for it by means of the Reimbursement Payment Option, which the employer has chosen to do. Reimbursable employers complete the TWS Wage Report screen as if they were Rated, except their Tax Rate is 0% and they report all wages as Excess every quarter, so no payment is submitted with the report. When a Reimbursable account incurs quarterly unemployment claim charges, DES sends the employer a statement of the amount due, which may be paid electronically via TWS.

Technology Requirements for the Tax and Wage System

Operating System: The Tax and Wage System (TWS) is best used on a computer with a Microsoft Windows operating system, preferably version XP or newer. Mac users may encounter problems (TWS is periodically upgraded and this may result in improved Mac compatibility in the future).

Internet Browser: TWS is best viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 7.0 or newer. Other browsers may encounter problems, especially with adding wages/employee records and making payments.

TWS also requires the use of the following Internet browser technologies:

Java Script – a means of adding interactivity and error-checking
Frames – a means of dividing the screen into several panels for display
Pop-up Blocker – a security measure to prevent most pop-up windows from appearing (“Block Pop-ups” should be disabled)

If your current browser cannot support these technologies, we recommend that you update your browser before using TWS. The following link provides the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer External Link Icon (free of charge).

Text: The text size within the application is pre-set to medium. If you have difficulty reading the text at this size, click “View” on your browser tool bar, move the pointer down to “Text Size,” then select/click the size you desire (“Larger” or “Largest”).

Printing: To successfully print the PDF Pay Voucher, Payment Receipt and copies of your reports, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5.5 or newer installed on your computer (available free of charge from External Link Icon). If clicking the “Print” button(s) does not generate a PDF frame, check the top of the screen for a message indicating pop-ups are blocked. If they are, click where indicated to allow the pop-up from this site, and then confirm your selection, and finally, click “Retry.” If you still have trouble printing, please refer to the Adobe Reader Support web.

Security of the Arizona Tax and Wage System

Federal and state laws protect the privacy of data reported to UI Tax by employers. The Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) has taken every precaution to make certain that your information is secure. Between your computer and our server, all data is encrypted using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer technology. To make sure your browser is secure, look for a closed lock or an unbroken key at the bottom of the page.

Note: Your wage and employee information is not stored on any Internet Web server or unsecured network.

In compliance with DES departmental policy concerning the protection of confidential data on the Internet, your account is safeguarded by both a password and security question/answer. Passwords are assigned by DES (or you may create your own). Passwords must be changed every 90 days and those assigned by DES are printed on the UC-018 form mailed to the address of record of each active employer. If you choose to have a new system-assigned password each quarter, they are activated as soon as the quarter ends, at midnight (Mountain Standard Time), and supersede all previous system-assigned passwords. Only your system-assigned (active) password or one which you personally created may be used to access your Tax and Wage System account and submit any reports or payments via the Internet. Your personally created password will remain the same for 90 days, unless you change it (or receive a new one via the HELP Desk). Your system-assigned password may be used until a new one is sent to you the following quarter. To change your password on the Tax and Wage System site, you will be directed to answer several questions about your account, including your challenge question. If you are unable to match the answers provided previously when your password was established, please call the Help Desk for additional assistance.

In order to access your Internet account, the Employer Account Number and Password must match those on our Internet database. If they do not, you will receive an error message. Continued invalid access attempts could result in your account becoming “locked.” This is a measure of protection against unauthorized attempts to gain access to sensitive information. A link for password assistance is provided on the Employer Login screen within the application.

To ensure the security of your account, the system will timeout and you will be logged off after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Note: Keying employee wage data alone is not recognized as “activity.” If you have a large number of employees, we suggest doing frequent “Saves” to avoid losing data if the system times out.


Arizona state tax department \ Video

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