Feb 16 2019

Application monitoring solutions

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Improving Your Value Chain

Adapting engines to a specific application requires expertise beyond engines. To achieve peak performance and efficiency, optimal product design, and maximum equipment life, you need knowledge not only of the application, but of all system components and application integration.

PSI provides this knowledge as a value-added service to our customers. With an intricate understanding of power systems and broad application experience, our engineers take the guesswork out of powertrain design. While many engine suppliers distribute their engines “as-is,” PSI walks our customers through assembly from start to finish. Together with cost competitive global sourcing, our obsession with quality. and our rock-solid warranty, our pre- and post-sales application support make PSI power systems the best value for your powertrain investment.

Additional offerings include emission certification. UL-certified componentry, and complete assembly solutions allow equipment and vehicle manufacturers to completely outsource their engine development to us — reducing both cost and complexity.

We offer a host of value-added solutions, including:

  • Emissions Solutions – PSI boasts the most complete power-band range of certified engines in the world and serves as the Manufacturer of Record for all its engines. Our advanced clean technologies provide cost-effective emission compliance and regulatory support.
  • Assembly Solutions – Unparalleled application knowledge together with complete assembly and in-house design and testing services makes PSI a single source for our customers’ powertrain needs. We design, test, and deliver it; you drop it in and go!
  • Packaging Kitting Solutions – PSI is a full-service logistics provider. We offer a complete line of packaging solutions from wood crating to returnable metal racking to part kitting, plus a full range of domestic and foreign shipping options for dealers, distributors, and for direct customer fulfillment.
  • Telematics Solutions – MasterTrak™ is a world-class asset-management tool that prevents loss and costly repair by monitoring engines and other critical equipment datafor location, faults, maintenance needs and morewhich.
  • Auto Clutch ™ – A PTO clutch, Auto Clutch is built with heavy-duty truck components for use in serious industrial side-load applications. PSI designed Auto Clutch from scratch to meet the needs of our arbor-care customers, who couldn’t find a clutch rugged enough to withstand use in woodchippers.

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