Apollo 11 conspiracy

Apollo 11 conspiracy

Apollo 11 conspiracy-Apollo 11 Conspiracy Theories Please post your comments and thoughts regarding Apollo 11 Conspiracy Theories. People who don’t believe in the moon landing wouldn’t believe in a fish with

Apollo 11 Conspiracy Theories

Please post your comments and thoughts regarding Apollo 11 Conspiracy Theories.

People who don’t believe in the moon landing wouldn’t believe in a fish with which you slapped them across the face. Apollo 11 had a lot more to it than images, video and photographs. Thousands of people saw the rocket take off, in person, with their own eyes. Hundreds also witnessed the splashdown. Many people watched with telescopes as the vehicle left orbit, and watched it return. We have all of the hardware that returned to Earth, and it’s irrefutable that the rocket left the Earth.

It’s really scary what ignorant people choose to believe (and how many of them exist).

Mark your worng

Hey Mark the Apollo crew just took off and did orbits of the planet earth, they never left the vicinity of the earth. The rockets left earth but never went to the moon.

I like the way you addressed the spectulaters. nothing has ever been as humourous and honest.

i completley agree apollo 11 is true and how would they produce that good of footage if they did n’t go there. apollo 11 is true

i so know whta u mean and its right but what i find wierd is that we havnt gone back koz if they did it 40 years ago why cant they do it 2day??
Nasa wouldnt have being that rich back then so why has it changed??

They don’t go back because there’s no reason. We went in the first place only to beat the russians. And it has nothing to do with NASA being richer or poorer (but in actuality they have a lot less funding now than they did then) they just don’t see any commercial or scholarly value. And the camera could have be remote control, just saying.

So what your implying is that the U.S only does things to compete with other people, not because they can. Good to know than

No, he is not implying, he is stating that the reason the United States went to the moon was to compete with the Russians. He does not go on to say that everything the country does is a result of competition.

The space race absolutely started out as a dick-waving exercise between the US and the USSR. We justified and rationalized it ourselves as a scientific and technological endeavor, but at its root was a desire by each side to demonstrate to the other that they could build very large, very powerful missiles that could deliver lots of mass to orbit, and wouldn’t it be a shame if that mass just fell back one on you and went boom?

Um tara i’d like to know what school/language your speaking because who talks like I think you mean weird* today* cause* because* now excuse me i’m gonna have to grammar nazi yo ass learn to spell you dumb b****h

Apollo 11 Moon landing: conspiracy theories debunked

1) When the astronauts are putting up the American flag it waves. There is no wind on the Moon.

The flag is held up by a horizontal bar and simply moves when it is unfurled and as the pole is being fixed into position by the astronauts. The flagpole is light, flexible aluminium and continues to vibrate after the astronauts let go, giving the impression of blowing in the wind.

2) No stars are visible in the pictures taken by the Apollo astronauts from the surface of the Moon.

The Apollo landing takes place during lunar mornings, with the Sun shining brightly. The stars are not bright enough in this light to be captured in the photographs.

3) No blast crater is visible in the pictures taken of the lunar landing module.

The landing module touches down on solid rock, covered in a layer of fine lunar dust, so there is no reason why it would create a blast crater. Even if the ground were less solid, the amount of thrust being produced by the engines at the point of landing and take off is very low in comparison to a landing on Earth because of the relative lack of gravitational pull.

4) The landing module weighs 17 tons and yet sits on top of the sand making no impression. Next to it astronauts’ footprints can be seen in the sand.

The layer of lunar dust is fairly thin, so the landing module sits on the solid rock. The dust, whilst blown away by the blast from the descent engines, quickly settles back on the ground and is under the astronauts when they begin their moonwalk.

5) The footprints in the fine lunar dust, with no moisture or atmosphere or strong gravity, are unexpectedly well preserved, as if made in wet sand.

The lack of wind on the moon means the footprints in fine, dry lunar dust aren’t blown away in the way they would be if made in a similar substance on Earth.

6) When the landing module takes off from the Moon’s surface there is no visible flame from the rocket.

The rockets in the landing module are powered by fuel containing a combination of hydrazine and dinitrogen tetroxide, which burn with no visible flame.

7) If you speed up the film of the astronauts walking on the Moon’s surface they look like they were filmed on Earth and slowed down.

The best you can say is: yes, a bit, but not really.

8) The astronauts could not have survived the trip because of exposure to radiation from the Van Allen radiation belt.

This claim is largely based on a claim from a Russian cosmonaut. The short time it takes to pass through the belt, combined with the protection from the spacecraft, means any exposure to radiation would be very low.

9) The rocks brought back from the Moon are identical to rocks collected by scientific expeditions to Antarctica.

Some Moon rocks have been found on Earth, but they are all scorched and oxidised from their entry into the Earth’s atmosphere as asteroids. Geologists have confirmed with complete certainty that the Apollo rocks must have been brought from the Moon by man.

10) All six Moon landings happened during the Nixon administration. No other national leader has claimed to have landed astronauts on the Moon, despite 40 years of rapid technological development.

This is a favourite among conspiracy theorists because it needs no evidence but points the finger at the presidency of Richard Nixon. The fact is that after the Apollo landings, the race had been won and the money dried up. The USSR has no interest in coming second, and politicians on both side realised that lower-orbit missions had much greater commercial and military potential.

Why did the dust settle quickly?

I appreciate the wonderful logic behind most
of your comments.
However this does puzzle me.
If gravity absence favours your logic in number 3 wouldn’t the same
logic dictate the lighter the dust particle the SLOWER it will settle?
Please comment.
Kind regards

wouldn’t the same
logic dictate the lighter the dust particle the SLOWER it will settle?

No. Acceleration in a gravitational field is the same regardless of mass. Absent any air resistance, a dust particle will fall at the same rate as a bowling ball.

Dave Scott on Apollo 15 demonstrated this by dropping a hammer and a falcon feather; with no atmosphere to slow it down, the feather hit the surface at the same time as the hammer.

Who’s holding the camera?

At the moment the Apollo 11 lunar landing module lifts off from the moons surface the television camera pans upwards following it. I have read some technical info on the cameras used on the mission but none of the info I have read discusses the capability to automatically track a moving object. Maybe your camera experts could enlighten me.

You’re thinking of Apollo 17, not Apollo 11; there is no external footage of Eagle’s ascent.

The footage you’re talking about was captured by the television camera mounted on the lunar rover, which was controlled by technicians on Earth. To capture Challenger’s ascent, the technician in Houston tilted the camera manually; there was no automatic tracking. Despite training and practice, it still turned out to be a bit of a lucky shot, since the technician had to start the tilt about a second before the actual liftoff to account for the signal delay.


Apollo 11 conspiracy


Apollo 11 conspiracy

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