Aug 13 2017

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I think the only time rental stuff gets reported is if you get evicted or they have to go after you for not paying rent. It’s not a standard practice for apartments, or houses, to do regular credit reporting on your monthly rent. I know this bc I am helping my brother with his credit. He has a 2500 collection from an apartment that he was evicted from. I found out on the BK forum that they can only sue him for this for one year. So technically he doesn’t have to pay this and he won’t get a judgment – he will just have bad credit for a long time, and other places he wants to rent to him will probably not because they will see the eviction and the related collection.

In all of my years of renting various houses and a few apartments along the way, my credit has always been checked – even if it was just a person renting their home out or a rental agency. I was always able to pay a bigger deposit and was approved to live where I wanted to live. Because I didn’t have any evictions the landlord wasn’t that concerned about my credit scores because I paid first/last/deposit. I would guess you will find housing you like if you are able to pay big enough deposits.

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