Nov 27 2016

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Annual Free Credit Report

I know it s mandated by the FTC (I think) to offer an annual free credit report to individuals. Does someone know the best website/source for this information? There are a lot out there and I don t want to go to the wrong one and enter my info only for it to be a scam. annualcreditreport. Com *looks* like it might be legit, but thought I would ask to see if anyone knows for sure. Thanks. From what I can tell This site is recommneded by the FTC. It requires no credit card # or fees. Hope this helps

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Just checked my annual free credit report through Trans Union. I did not realize that these agencies have already adapted the Vantage Scoring method which was different from the FICO score I was expecting to know.

I do not want to spend any bucks since I just wanted an idea of how did I fair using the FICO Scoring. Thanks!

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