May 28 2017

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Anchor General Insurance Company Review

Anchor General Insurance Company has its customers covered. Whether they need health, vehicle, commercial, motorcycle, life, boat, renters or homeowners insurance, the company has products to offer them. In many cases, customers can get a multiple policy discount by letting the Company handle all of their insurance needs in a bundled package.

The company strives to be a one-stop-shopping experience for those who place their trust in Anchor General. Whether the customer has one vehicle and a home, or owns a business and needs to carry commercial insurance on the business as well as 15 company vehicles, Anchor General is ready to help. With a wide range of bundling possibilities, each need can be met regardless of how many areas need to be covered. Insurance agents and brokers throughout the nation sell Anchor s products to their customers. In addition, the customer can go online and purchase policies direct from the company.

Anchor General Insurance is based in San Diego, California and specializes in providing coverage for non-standard insurance risks. In simple terms, this means that the umbrella about who the company is willing to cover reaches farther out than the typical standard coverage options reach. Non-standard insurance is a specialized field and includes high-risk drivers, those who must carry SR-22 certification and others who are for the most part blocked from going the standard route. Treating every customer, including those with non-standard needs with respect and professionalism is at the top of the company s goals. Anchor General Insurance serves the standard insurance customer as well.  The Agency does business in both California and Arizona. There are plans in the works to expand the company into other states in the future. The parent company also has an agency in Texas, the Agency of Texas. Inc.

Who They Are

Priding itself on its all around flexible options for service, the Co. offers policyholders low down payments and easy payment methods including online or by the phone. Constantly improving the customer service experience is a primary goal of the company s, from the initial search quotes to the purchase and through the claims process. Anchor General also strives to be sure insurance agents and brokers have the support of the company so they can have confidence in selling its products.

The company was founded in 1995. As of 2012, the president was Adbulla Badani. From the beginning, company management members have set up directives to provide the best possible prices to customers, without sacrificing customer support and customer service. Each area of insurance is overseen by a specialist who supervises the department s processes.

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